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The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 (PFRPG) PDF

***½( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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We did not want to reinvent the wheel; we just wanted to make it roll smoother on the modern highway (maybe with some low-pro bling 22’s). The rules system in the Modern Path – Heroes of the Modern World RPG is, what we feel, an evolutionary step forward for a system that has already proven to be excellent in another genre. Thanks to the wonderful OGL, we admit that most of the work was already done. What we have focused on is making a system that is versatile, as is fitting for the modern times.

Because of globalization, characters in a modern setting should not be “pigeon-holed” into classes or areas of knowledge. We offer only one base class – the Modern Hero, a framework upon which to build. It is then up to the player to build his own unique character, and to have the freedom to shape that character as it advances through the levels of experience. So, versatility and freedom of choice... Let’s make that our hallmark.

Now go on, grab those core rules, get your dice ready & boot up that laptop...quit wasting time reading intros!

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Now on sale this weekend from the Pazio store for $3.99. earch

We also have the updated Hero Labs dataset at our website:

For Memorial Day weekend, from May 26 to May 31, we are having a sale of The Modern Path – Heroes of the Modern World (PFRPG) for $3.99.

It can be found at the Pazio store and other outlets.

The Hero Lab dataset is free and can be found at our website

We are going to upgrade the pdf to the new Hero Lab logo, so I think it is also a good time to do any rule upgrades, bugs and/or fixes also. Please let me know if you find anything and/or would like to see any rule changes.

This will be a free upgrade to the pdf and Hero Lab dataset.

New 2.0 rules done, editing and playtest started.

Just released today are the new Modern Path 2.0 rules. We believe this is a major improvement of the previous rules. The new rules are now more in line with the Pathfinder Core rules than D20 Modern.

This is a free updated download for those who previously purchase the original rules. We also have a Hero Lab data set updated to the new rules and it is now an automatic update within Hero Lab.

The core magic system is the next set of rules coming up.

Lantern Lodge

Can you give a brief description of what was all updated.

Is version 2.0 what is listed as the download at Paizo? If not will it be an update for going forward?

Yep, new file (2.0) posted today. I think I have to get Pazio to edit the store front.

What has changed, well it is mostly Pathfinder RPG core rules now.

We got rid of everything that overlapped

A lot of editing and reformatting

Many rule changes and updates to just about everything

Firearms and armor in line with new rules

All around a complete “head to toe” work over

Lantern Lodge

OK, thanks good to know. I will give it a good read over sometime soon.

Very cool, Thank you!

Thank you for all the great feed back over the weekend. We got a few bugs to get worked out in the Hero Lab dataset. Please let us know what you think, it really helps. Thank you again everyone.

I fixed a lot of bugs in the Modern Path 2.0 Hero Lab data file. It is in the auto updates. Please let me know if you find any other issues.

On sale at Pazio store for $3.99

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Kevin Webb GRC Team wrote:
On sale at Pazio store for $3.99

Is there any way I would be able to preview this before I purchase it? Not that $3.99 is a lot of money but I would like to see if I like the changes you made. I've looked over the beta and I've been waiting to see where you are going to take this.

I know RPGNow has a preview, I don't think the Pazio store supports previews.


Kevin Webb GRC Team wrote:
I know RPGNow has a preview, I don't think the Pazio store supports previews.

We can put up preview images - send me an email and I'll let you know what we can do. :D

Very cool. E-mail on the way!

Pics sent for the preview! Thank you very much!

I have been working on the new magic book and got to the feats and I am kind of stuck. For the most part everything has been covered. Is there anything you would like to see in the Modern Path: Magic?

Kevin Webb GRC Team wrote:

I have been working on the new magic book and got to the feats and I am kind of stuck. For the most part everything has been covered. Is there anything you would like to see in the Modern Path: Magic?

Honestly (and I don't know if this is what your asking or not) But what I would like to see most in a modern magic supplement is a good bit of advice on using the core spells in a modern setting. This is one area I don't think has ever been given the proper treatment. Just a good chunk of advice on how to make the core spells fit without being overpowering and how they could mesh with modern tech...

If that's not what you're asking I apologize!

That's cool, I really don't see a need in re-hashing the same spells, feats, etc. I think they can work fine in the modern setting with a few minor adjustments. I think you are right, I need to find a way to use what is already there.

Magic book coming along great!

New Magic book pics over at the Facebook page

Hero Lab update, Talents fixed

Lantern Lodge

@Saurstalk Your review seems to have a couple of things that I would like to address as a fellow d20Modern player.

1 - The use of DR in place of armor is a choice they decided to use, and if you read Ultimate Combat you could easily translate any armor to use DR.

2 - If you are trying to bring things in from d20 Modern then why don't you just use the Wealth to USD tables in d20 Modern. It shows you what the USD equivalent is for almost all conceivable Wealth Scores, and it is located in the Core d20 Modern book.

3 - Now this is something, but with the time required to make just 1 NPC using this system it is easy to understand why they didn't make a whole chapter with them. Now I personally, as well as a few others, have had the thought to produce an NPC book for the Modern Path.

So here are a few simple answers to your questions you addressed in your review.

Lantern Lodge

Also I would just like to apologize to the GRC Team, I keep meaning to give the book a thorough read through and a review but I just can't ever seem to find the time to just sit down and read. If the book was in print it would make it so much easier, would it be possible to have this available as a print on demand through something like Lulu.

Edit: Just found out that you can get a print version from DriveThru RPG. So that answers me that question.

Edit #2: Is there a current Character Sheet that is downloadable somewhere? Cause it doesn't look like there is one located in the PDF or on your Website anymore.

Thank you for the QA, yep it is POD at RPGNow and we are waiting for the color print to get approved. I did have it on Lulu, but the print proof game back a little off, (the book spine print was too big), so I had to re-send and wait for the print proof again.
NPC's and settings, well once we finish up the magic book, I will post some. Keep in mind we are a very small company, (really just 4 gamers doing this in our free time). We do have a dataset for Hero Labs, so that will help a lot in making PC and NPC.

oh, the character sheet, we need to re-dow it to the new 2.0 rules, on the to do list.
It's cool, that everyone wants more support for the system! Very cool, and we will get there.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

This looks interesting.

We do hope you enjoy the material.

Last few days of the sale of the new 2.0 rules for the Modern Path. It is also in print and Hero Lab dataset!

Well, *I* think if you like Pathfinder and if you want to play in a modern setting, you should spring for Modern Path before the sale goes away!

Sure, I'm biased, but I happen to like the game. :)

We do have a great fan base!!!

The Modern Path 2.0 is Free

During this week (Sept 7-14) the PDF is free.

The response has been great!

I hope everyone is enjoying the rules and also please check out Hero Labs for the dataset!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Kevin Webb GRC Team wrote:

The response has been great!

I hope everyone is enjoying the rules and also please check out Hero Labs for the dataset!

Well, you can't beat free. I haven't had the chance to give it a full readthrough yet, but I did download it.

Cool, let us know what you think when you get a chance to read it.

Thank everyone for a great week of downloading the pdf. There is still a little bit of time for the free download. I do hope everyone enjoyed the core rules.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Buying a print version of this from Drivethru RPG

Thank you, we are still waiting for them the approve the color.

Well it is now in color print on Amazon: UTF8&qid=1316721943&sr=8-1

Finally, it's in color print at RPGNow, you can get a hard cover color inside and out, pdf and Hero Lab dataset all for $19.99.

A great review has been posted for “The Modern Path 2.0”


Website updates including new Character Sheets:
US - Letter Standard Size
Din A4 Version European Standard Size
Both were created by: "Joshua Leyh"

And the new Modern Path 2.0 SRD information, a big “Thank You” to:
The Grand OGL Wiki

All can be found at:

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Linkified for you:

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I noticed recently that the new skills in The Modern Path are meant to sit alongside the existing skills in the Pathfinder RPG.

Now, for Modern Heroes class skills aren't a big deal, just pick six (modified by your traits, etc.) and those are your class skills. But what about traditional Pathfinder classes used in a Modern Path game?

So, I'd like to humbly ask Game Room Creations if they could put together some sort of list (a web enhancement, perhaps) charting which of the new skills are class skills for the twenty-seven Pathfinder classes (e.g. the five NPC classes, the eleven base classes in the Core Rulebook, the six in the APG, the magus, the gunslinger, and the anti-paladin, ninja, and samurai).

If your using a fantasy based class, just use it as is and you should be fine.

Quick question about the rules for semi auto and three round burst. These seem a bit high power if i under stand them right.

Semi auto basicly doubles my number of attacks a round and three round burst causes my attacks to automaticly do triple damage?

Yep, looks an error. Hum, sorry got my head in the new Arcana book.

Might have to get back to you on that, but my first thought is a 3 round burst is 3 attacks at: 1st is normal, 2nd at -4 and the 3rd at -8.

If you ever do a military or law enforcement supplement, email me at and I will answer every question you have. If you do a future supplement, the same applies. I am also available for idea mining.

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