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The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 (PFRPG) PDF

***½( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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We did not want to reinvent the wheel; we just wanted to make it roll smoother on the modern highway (maybe with some low-pro bling 22’s). The rules system in the Modern Path – Heroes of the Modern World RPG is, what we feel, an evolutionary step forward for a system that has already proven to be excellent in another genre. Thanks to the wonderful OGL, we admit that most of the work was already done. What we have focused on is making a system that is versatile, as is fitting for the modern times.

Because of globalization, characters in a modern setting should not be “pigeon-holed” into classes or areas of knowledge. We offer only one base class – the Modern Hero, a framework upon which to build. It is then up to the player to build his own unique character, and to have the freedom to shape that character as it advances through the levels of experience. So, versatility and freedom of choice... Let’s make that our hallmark.

Now go on, grab those core rules, get your dice ready & boot up that laptop...quit wasting time reading intros!

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I would say maybe add on the denying of the strength bonus to their attack rolls for that round, too. Since it only lasts one round and since cmb doesn't scale very well compared to CMD, might as well I think.

I would say the Semi-automatic's extra attack should be after the first attack in a full round action. Doing that would allow the character to take advantage of their extra attack when they reach +6/+1 base.

Burst fire is good.

Automatic fire seems good. I would make the penalty maybe -4 as it was before, but it's still pretty good.

Very cool, adding them in, btw - keep the -2 in semi-auto?

This is a full round action that allows a second attack at -2.

BTW - Anyone wants a copy of the updated working draft, just e-mail me at: and if it's cool, I will add your info to the playtesters.

I would note that the second attack is done after the first attack in a full attack, as well. Sort of like the rapid shot feat.

This is a full-attack action, you can fire one additional time this round. All of your attack rolls take a –2 penalty when using semi-automatic

Just an update, I am done with the pdf update and now working on the Hero Labs data set. Once that is done I'll put both up on the yahoo group for everyone to review while I get the layout and art in.

Here is the raw update to the Modern Path PDF and Hero Lab dataset.

The PDF: I still have to edit some of the wording, format it, and add the art, but the new mechanics are all there and ready to go.

The Hero Lab Data set: It’s all there and with script updates. You will have to redo you old characters. I moved some the slots around. For example, the difficulties are now under the Flaws. Once the PDF is finished I’ll post the files in the auto updates.

This update should enable you to easily incorporate your old d20 Modern material and other current modern setting Pathfinder material into the Modern Path. Some of the big changes are to: armor, firearms, wealth and fame. There are also tweaks here and there.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can find both the PDF and Hero Lab Dataset at:


I just bought and read through the pdf. It looks like an exciting enhancement on other d20 modern campaign settings. Is there a pre-made character sheet somewhere? If not I can make one but I thought I would ask. Thanks :)

Check out the yahoo group, it has the lasted updates and I think the charcter sheet is there. There is one on the home page,

And thank you!


BTW the yahoo group is:

Big Updates to the Modern Path. You should be able to easily use your old modern material and the new other modern supplement. Also included in the update is art!

Print on Demand is always difficult to set up, but will be coming soon.

The Hero Labs data set and the Arcana pdf is also updated to the new updated rules.

It seems it takes the store front a bit to catch up to the new info, but the files are there to download.

One thing I have been meaning to ask. Why are the Modern Firearms damages so nerfed? I know that a modern gun is more effective than older ones, so why does a modern Glock do less damage than the Pathfinder revolver?

We wanted to stay in line with the Pathfinder firearms damage, but we did increase the critical threat range to make up the difference and more deadly. We also added a damage bonuses based on the caliber of the weapon.

How does the physcians ability to heal HP actually work Does it have a limit on times per day.

Thank you for finding this bug. I think it was ment to be a d4 per rank per day, but it looks like it can use some work.

We have added The Modern Path and The Modern Path: Arcana to the “Hurricane Sandy Charity Bundle”. Please help out and pass the word!

“Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to be participating in the Charity Bundle assembled by Roleplayers Chronicle to provide a donation to the American Red Cross and their efforts to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. You can help this cause by purchasing the Charity Bundle on DriveThruRPG or RPGNow for only $20. A number of publishers have contributed products and this bundle is valued at over $215 with additional publishers being contacted to increase this contribution. Fabled Environments is proud to participate in this effort!

Proceeds from this charity bundle go towards the American Red Cross and the relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. ef-Charity-Bundle-%5BBUNDLE%5D

Most of you know of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy as it made landfall on the east coast of the United States. The damage goes well into the billions, but the lives lost cannot be given a price tag. Many residents have been affected and are still affected, seeking shelter with their neighbors, families, or within one of the many shelters that have been set-up to offer relief. The American Red Cross is actively providing aid to these people in the hopes of getting them back to a normal life.
As a community, we can offer our assistance to the American Red Cross through simple donations. In return, the tabletop RPG industry is offering their contributions and a thanks for your contributions by offering their own products, free of charge for nothing more than you donation. Show your support by purchasing this bundle and offer your fellow gamers a little extra hope in the wake of this devastation.
This bundle will be available for 10 days starting November 1, 2012 and ending November 10, 2012.”

Many new rule updates, including grammar, layout and art changes.

Major changes to how the Modern Hero class and its archetypes advance. Archetypes are now more in line with standard archetypes.

Weapon damage has change to reflect the old MSRD damage.

Added the “Shadow Heroes” sample campaign setting. Shadow Heroes is a few optional rules for supernatural type characters.

Added the “Classic Heroes” sample campaign setting. Classic Heroes are the old MSRD classes created into archetypes for the fantasy classes.

Also the MP SRD hosted on PFSRD has been updated:

The Hero Labs dataset is updated, but I still have the classic heroes to do. You can find the beta here:


Once if finish classic heroes I'll post it in the Hero Lab auto updates.

Okay, they new update looks a lot better. I could see myself using this sometime. Truthfully, it looks a little more like SGG's Anachronistic Adventurers. Likewise, I think I could now use this to run some of the old WotC d20Modern adventures from thier website.

I have edited my review to reflect my new opinion of this product, bumping up to a 3.5 rating, that rounds up on this site as a 4 star rating.

Thank you very much, the feedback helps everyone. Please let me know if there are any other issues or bugs.

I am hoping this will be a good baseline that we all can work with. You should be able to use old MSRD material and new modern Pathfinder material,(like SGG). BTW - I (like many of us) wish that SGG's modern kickstarter would have taken off. They are the pros at this, we are just gamers like yall.

Thank you again!

I got the Hero Lab data files updated and in the auto-updates within Hero Labs. I am still working on the "Classic Heroes" data. It's slow going, but everything else should be good to go. Please let me know of any bugs.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok, seems my Hero Lab software went crazy and the files were all kinds of wrong. Anyways, it's fixed now and in the auto downloads in Hero Lab. Please let me know of any bugs.

New look, bug fixes, linked to PFSRD and update Hero Lab files.

Is there an SRD to look at for the Modern Path? I'm interested in seeing some tidbits before grabbing it.

The Exchange

Thanks! I'll take a look, see how it meshes with Pathfinder.

The pdf has a few minor updates from the srd. They are just a few minor bugs. Also working on more updates to the Hero Lab data files. The data files are free and can be found within Hero Labs under "Find Updates".

New Modern Path for Hero Lab updates and new data from other sources.

BTW – I didn’t include the MSRD files due to load issues. But if you want them, just let me know.

Please let me know of any bugs.

Modern Path is print on demand: -Modern-World-2.0-%5BPFRPG%5D?filters=300_0_44235_0_0

Ok, Modern Path for Hero Lab files are updated and in the auto-updater.

Let me know of any bugs. Enjoy!

Damn and blast, I just found this product and found out I'm almost two years late for a free copy :P
Ah well, I'll just throw some cash at a friend to use their card soon.

Been wanting to run a modern zombie game, but with pathfinder. And I never really liked the way classes worked in d20 modern. I do like this though. :D

Very cool, glad you like the rules and the SRD is here:

For Zombies and the Modern Path, check out Scrying Eyes Games: a-an-all-american-zombie-ap

and the Hero Lab d20Pro files are free:

Quick question.

Angel, Demon, Vampire, and Werewolf all say they gain access to various class/archetype abilities that they can take in place of talents or trainings. Does that allow them to take abilities that would normally replace each other?

For example, a Angel takes a standard Paladins aura of courage ability. Could they then later take the Holy Gun archetypes Shared Precision ability that normally replaces aura of courage?

Also, would you suggest limiting what level characters are able to take these abilities? As written, it seems to indicate that you could take capstone abilities at first level.

Although, now that I think about it, it does say the GM can restrict the list of choices (I love when that's actually specified, all but forces the players to clear things with the GM, rather than try to slip something past. Sneaky hobbitses). But I'd like an official ruling.

We wanted to keep it versatile as possible, everyone has their own style and rule system they would like.

For me I would say yes the Angel could then take the "Shared Precision" or any other ability as long as the other pre-req (ie. min level, skills, etc) are met.

Keeping it open also mean the GM has to approve what is ok for the players to use. This also opens up the availability to use many other 3pp rules and systems.

I hope that helps.

That's what I figured you were going for, but I just wanted to make sure.

Next question. There's a couple abilities like this that I'm curious about. Advanced Training - Hex says you gain the witches Hex ability, and may select one hex. Does it also give you a new hex every 2 levels like the standard hex ability says, or is it just the once?

Just one hex per training is what I meant it to be. I think otherwise it would be too much.

Another question.

Engineer and Physician both have abilities that let them "cast" spells and are based on skill ranks. The table starts at 10, and goes to 29 before hitting 20 again. I'm...confused. I'm assuming the last 20 should be a 30, but how is it possible for either class to reach 30 ranks in their respective skills? Does it go that far in case the GM decides to go into epic levels?

Yea, looks like a typo, it's 30. Sorry about that.

It's meant for any power level you want for your game. I guess I should have included this in there also. You can base it on just the ranks or the ranks and bonuses, depending on what you want.

Thanks. That was really confusing my friend and I when we looked closer at those abilities.

Cool, I hope that helped. Sometimes it's only me who knows what I am talking about, lol.

New Modern Path Hero Lab updates.

I got the old MSRD prestige classes working in the Modern Path dataset. So you can use them as archetypes for the various class or with the Modern Hero class or just as prestige classes.

A few new weapons, armor and gear and new "PL" material.

There is a check box to use the old MSRD material along with the Modern Path material. If you check that box, you get the MSRD skills, feats, rep and wealth.

Hopefully there are no load errors or bugs, but if so, just let me know.

The dataset is a free update within Hero Labs auto updater.

Modern Path Hero Lab datasets updated. Added, many bug fixes, lots of new material including the updated NMP Modern Magic and the MSRD psionics renamed to psychics.

Follow the Modern Path to a walk on the magical side!

Arcana of the Modern World explores the different ways to incorporate the use of magic in a modern-style RPG genre. Building on the foundations of the Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World. To compliment the Modern Hero class, there are new feats, traits, trainings, & difficulties; along with new magical Archetypes to customize the spell caster that you want to play!

A major update to the just about all the old material and added:

ARCANE OF THE FORBIDDEN - This setting is where magic is extremely rare and difficult to cast. This type of setting is typically what you would find in a modern “horror” setting.

ARCANE HEROES - This setting is where magic is more common and what is normally found in the core rules of a fantasy based system. This section expands on the archetypes found in “The Modern Path – Heroes of the Modern World”

ARCANE OF THE MIND - This setting is not so much of a magic setting but rather a system of unique mental powers called “Psychic” abilities. Very similar to the more powerful psionics found in many fantasy settings but adjusted to provide a modern approach.

ARCANE OF THE SPELLCRAFTER - This setting is an alternate spellcasting system where magic is broken down into its basic form and can be applied in almost any configuration the user wishes.

Also included is a free Hero Lab’s dataset that can be found in your Hero Lab’s software “Find Updates” section.

Ok, all Modern Path material, (Heroes and Arcana), is now "Print on Demand" at RPGNow.

I still have to update the Hero Lab and d20Pro dataset to the updated Arcana rules. Going to take a little bit of time, but getting there.

I used these rules to play an adventure I created.

I found a floor plan for a real shopping mall and used it as the setting.

The plot revolved around everyday people (the PCs) being normal people trapped in the mall after hours as multiple evil groups searched it for a hidden grimoire. I had zombie store clerks, "goth" necromancers, punk rocker elves, and even a group of neo-pagan synthesist summoners.

Two of the players had military training in counter-insurgency and immediately went to Sears and outfitted themselves with improvised explosives to use against the bad guys.

Overall it went very well and the players said they had a lot of fun.

Very cool, I am glad you and your group had a good time and enjoyed the rules. It's always cool to hear feedback.

If you would like, I can write up the adventure for you.

That would be great! Very cool

Also, a great place to send any Modern Path material is "Open Gaming Monthly"! Check them out.

FYI - Updated the Modern Path Hero Lab data files. Let me know if there are any bugs.

BTW - The download URL is

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