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The Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 (PFRPG) PDF

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We did not want to reinvent the wheel; we just wanted to make it roll smoother on the modern highway (maybe with some low-pro bling 22’s). The rules system in the Modern Path – Heroes of the Modern World RPG is, what we feel, an evolutionary step forward for a system that has already proven to be excellent in another genre. Thanks to the wonderful OGL, we admit that most of the work was already done. What we have focused on is making a system that is versatile, as is fitting for the modern times.

Because of globalization, characters in a modern setting should not be “pigeon-holed” into classes or areas of knowledge. We offer only one base class – the Modern Hero, a framework upon which to build. It is then up to the player to build his own unique character, and to have the freedom to shape that character as it advances through the levels of experience. So, versatility and freedom of choice... Let’s make that our hallmark.

Now go on, grab those core rules, get your dice ready & boot up that laptop...quit wasting time reading intros!

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Product Discussion (158)
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Cool, thank you. We are hoping the Arcana book should be out this week.
It is in review now. Once it's done, I still have the Hero Lab dataset to do. I think after that we need to add a page on the website for rule updates.

Welcome. I love TMP, and I would love to help you out with something that covers a section I know about. If you want military, law enforcement, historical technology, or speculative future technology, I'm your girl.

Cool, when I get to the updates page that will help out. BTW - there is a yahoo group for everyone to submit ideas and such. It's at:

Sorry for the delay in the Arcana book,Christmas was a bit crazy, but it really is final "final" review. I "think" next week.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I'm curious about the class skill point listings for the archetypes of the modern hero class.

While the modern hero class has skill points of 2 + Int bonus, this is replaced by the skill point listings for each given archetype. The archetypes, however, provide an odd number of skill points plus Intelligence modifier (e.g. Physician is 5 + Int modifier).

This seems to be a throwback to d20 Modern, where human was the only selectable race, and so their racial bonus of gaining an additional skill point each level was built into the skill point listings for various classes.

My question is, is that the case here? Do the skill point listings include the assumption of the +1 skill points per level that humans get? Or is that no longer assumed to be the case, and human characters add those to the listed amounts as per standard for Pathfinder?

Also, while non-humans cannot take modern hero as their favored class, humans still get the +1 skill point or +1 hit point per level if they do, right?

Yes, that was left over from d20 modern and it's an oversite. And yes if a human takes modern hero as thier fav class they still get a +1 skill or +1 hp

The new book is out:

The Modern Path: Arcana in the Modern World

Follow the Modern Path to a walk on the magical side!

Arcana of the Modern World explores the different ways to incorporate the use of magic in a modern-style RPG genre. Building on the foundations of the Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World, this book introduces a new base class to the system; the Arcana Hero. To compliment this new hero class, there are new feats, traits, talents, trainings, and difficulties, along with new magical archetypes to customize the spell caster that you want to play! GMs and players have the option of using three different spell casting systems. One of these is the new Spellcrafter magic system—a sleek and modern approach to the classic spells we are all familiar with.

If your modern journey takes a turn toward the magical, this book can help you take the right steps!
•New base class: Arcana Hero
•23 new feats
•7 new traits
•Many new training abilities (called illuminations for the Arcana Hero)
•Many new talents (called traditions for the Arcana Hero)
•13 new difficulties
•4 new archetypes
•The new Spellcrafter magic system with 5 new unique archetypes
•Modern spells
•Modern magic items
•Modern factions that add flavor to any campaign

Also included is a free Hero Lab’s dataset that can be found in your Hero Lab’s software “Find Updates” section.

You know, I really, really like The Modern Path, but it needs something. That something is a campaign setting, and I am willing to do my part on it if you agree with me. The campaign setting is what makes Pathfinder strong, and a good one could make The Modern Path strong.

Yea, now that the arcana book is done, I think that would be the way to go.

Personally, I think we should use an Earth like world, but not Earth itself, and I think magic and non-humans should have a major place in the setting.

Basically, what I want to see is a campaign setting that takes all the cool stuff about Pathfinder, but puts it in a more modern day setting while still being high magic fantasy.

A Big Thank You to Fantastic Gallery for thier support of the Modern Path system with: The Sensitive pdf and Hero Labs data set!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Kevin Webb GRC Team wrote:
A Big Thank You to Fantastic Gallery for thier support of the Modern Path system with: The Sensitive pdf and Hero Labs data set!

Just wanted to note that this product can be found here.

The Modern Path pdf is on sale at the Pazio Store!

The Modern Path: Arcana of the Modern World is in B/W “hard and soft” cover print on demand at RPGNow, and on sale. When you buy any print item, you get the pdf and Hero Labs dataset free!

A very cool shout out for the Modern Path from on the BAMF Podcast pod cast!

Thank you very much!

Thank you everyone for the feedback. Seems everyone is enjoying the new book and Hero lab dataset.

Has anyone found any bugs or updates the wish, with the Hero Lab dataset?

Updates to the Hero Lab data-set coming soon and color print is in the works. You can get color soft-cover POD from:

The Modern Path: Arcana of the Modern World

The Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World

The PDF is the in Pazio store and RPGNow.

B/W hard and soft cover with free PDF from RPGNow

The Hero Labs data-set is free and is an auto-update within Hero Lab's: "Find Updates" tab

In color soft cover print on Amazon:

The Modern Path: Arcana of the Modern World UTF8&qid=1327113932&sr=8-1

The Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World ooks&ie=UTF8&qid=1327114084&sr=1-1

We did the podcast last night for the Modern Path and here is the link

A big Thank You to Mike for taking the time to have us on.

The Modern Path: Arcana is in color (hard and soft cover) print on demand from RPGNow. When you buy any print book you get the pdf for free as well as the Hero Lab dataset.

Has this book been updated since August of last year or is that the newest version?

the 2.0 is the newest, but it does need some updates along with the arcana book. We are working on it, but if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

If I buy this now and the new version comes out later, do I get the update for free?

Yes. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the update.

Couple of things:

Some of the archetypes have a training/talent that grants them "access to [bard, monk, fighter] class features.

What exactly does that mean? Do they get these automatically as they level up or do they have to choose them like training/talents?


Just a comment: It seems automatic fire is way too good. A -4 to hit on up to 10 or 20 targets in a cone makes it a no-brainer for everybody to get automatic weapons. In the real-world, trained marksman with a single shot rifle can out-kill an automatic weapon almost every time. Automatic were made for Spray 'n' Spray because they required minimal training but are still effective en masse. Suggestion: Automatic weapons are a -10 to hit on all targets and they get a reflex save to reduce damage by half.

Oh and buy the way, I purchased a copy.

Sorry for the delay, yes updates are free and we are working on an update now to both books, but it may be some time. I like the autofire rule update, sounds cool with me. We need to tweek out a few things, (like modern firearms rules).
Thank you for everyones support!

BTW - "they have to choose them like training/talents" is correct.

Just wanted to chime in that Kevin and the GRC Team are awesomesauce - I had an issue with my kindle version of the book and Kevin went way above and beyond to get me taken care of.

On top of that, I really like what has been done with the system. I would like to echo that the one thing the system lacks is a campaign setting. I would also LOVE to see a "non-Earth" modern setting, with various races living in a modern (but not necessarily future/sci fi) world.

Again, y'all rock!

Thank you, yes please let me know if you have any problems. We really don't have a kindle version, just pdf, but if anyone wants the plain txt just let me know.

Settings, we get alot of request for that, but we are hopeing the core rules would be open enough for any setting and others could use them as a building block for modern settings. We aren't much on the "fluff" side of the rules, lol.

Another comment:
Modern Armor should also be vulnerable to melee piercing weapons too.

It's well-documented that knives can pierce most bulletproof vests. They are designed to stop high velocity impacts like bullets. I'm not sure how the rule mechanics work out though.

Also, what about wearing modern armor and traditional armor? Like wearing breastplate over your tactical vest or chain mail over your leather jacket.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
darth_borehd wrote:

Another comment:

Modern Armor should also be vulnerable to melee piercing weapons too.

It's well-documented that knives can pierce most bulletproof vests. They are designed to stop high velocity impacts like bullets. I'm not sure how the rule mechanics work out though.

I disagree with this; darth_borehd is right about the results of melee piercing weapons against bulletproof armor, I just don't think that the game statistics should reflect that.

The game is, and always has been, an abstraction. At some point you have to accept that it can't perfectly model real life. Most medieval armors won't stop an arrow from a longbow, but Pathfinder gets along just fine saying that they do.

Modern Path Sale, $1 off the rest of the month, also minor update to the Arcana pdf.

We are updating the Modern Path pdfs, (any yes, it will be a free upgrade) and we want your input of likes and dislikes and what needs to get tweaked out.

A few thoughts we have and would like your input:

Class AC bonus, Keep or drop?
Hero Points, keep the modern progression rate or just use the PSRD or just drop?
Gun Combat, tweaks, I know burst fire is a bit much.
Arcana Hero Class, drop and just roll everything over to the Modern Hero?

We want the Modern Path rules to work within the PSRD, and able to work with other Modern supplements.

Thank you for your help and input!

I saw pretty much the whole book and here are some suggestions I have:

I would keep the class AC bonus to some extent, but from what I read it says that it is a deflection bonus? Have it at a nameless bonus, dodge bonus, really anything but deflection.

As far as the armor for damage reduction, I would personally house rule this as a bonus to ac against firearms and maybe keep the DR for non-leathal damage only. Not sure if other people would agree with this, but that's just how I might've handled it.

The feat "unbalance opponent" seems way too strong, really. I've never heard of an ability that would just outright deny strength bonuses to attacking and damage. Combine this with the current damage reduction on the armor, and you could be potentially invulnerable to non-slashing melee attacks to a single opponent. I would make it deny strength if it's less than your con modifier or make it only apply to non-leathal damage. I would never allow this feat at my game in its current form.

I know the burst fire has already been discussed here, but I think the base damage should be as if they were seperate attacks for the purposes of damage reduction or similar resistances - not combined. I think any forms of damage increase to the attack should just apply to the first damage die of the 3 round burst.

The semi-automatic's extra attack at the -4 should probably only be once a round. It's not like the revolver in Ultimate Combat, which is also semi-automatic, gains a free attack for being a semi-automatic.

Thank you for the feed back. All that sounds good. Thank you!

Perhaps this was addressed and I missed it. The engineer archetype can take mastercraft training and advanced engineering training to be able to add special abilities to items using the magic items creation guidelines. Those rules have caster levels and spells required for items. The Modern rules do not give guidelines (craft skill ranks or character level or something else) for caster level or guidelines for how an engineer would get "access" to a necessary spell (i.e he doesn't have the technological equivalent of a "level spellcasting" chart or one of known technological "spells")

How is that done?

That is a very good one. Let me work on that. Thank you for point that out! Please keep them coming.

Going on about burst fire again. A good way, I think, to speed up something that gives you 3 attacks per attack is for the 3 attacks to used with one die roll. Like if you roll a 16, the second will be 12, then the last bullet will be an 8, if you're going with the -4 -8 thing. If you crit, just make it multiply on the first damage die while the other bullets just add more damage. Other than that they are still considered 3 seperate attacks.

That is a good idea and makes sense, I like that idea a lot, but I want to stay on the same format as the other modern pathfinder material. I think, if it's cool with you, add the above to semi-auto for the martial weapons and the the way it is now to simple weapons. That might work?

I would just leave it as gaining one extra attack per round at -4. If the first attack functioned like that you would auto-miss everytime if your first attack missed; which I think that makes more sense for burst fire. if anything I would make that the "double tap" feat in this game where you can make it function as I said above.

BTW - Is if this works:

Opponent doesn't add Strength modifier to hit
Prerequisite: Brawl
Benefit: Once a day per level, the character can designate an opponent.
That opponent doesn't get to add his or her Strength modifier to attack rolls against the character.
The character can select a new opponent as a swift action.

This is two round shot per standard action. The second shot is a move action at a -2.

As a standard action, the character fires at from 3 – 10 rounds and on a successful attack the first round will hit and for every 5 points above the targets Armor Class the character gains an additional attack hit.

Now with SGG Enforcer, they have Burst Fire the same as above, but using CMB and CMD and their "Unload" is like our semi-auto. I want to stay on the same page as them, (so everything can work together easily), so I think I will have to leave Burst as theirs to keep everything working together.

I do agree with you and I like that idea. I know it’s kind of just semantics, but I could easily change semi-auto to the new rule and leave their “Unload” as is.

Why not make it a combat maneuver in place of an attack that lasts 1 round per level? Maybe make it deny their strength bonus to their CMD as well.

If you still want it to function the way you mentioned, I would make it not function on enemies a size category larger or more than you, and maybe not work on enemies that have certain hit dice or base attack higher than you.

Abilities that just function on anything without fail just kinda rubs me the wrong way. It can work on a person just as easily as it can work on an elephant.

I like both of those semi-auto and burst fire rules. Maybe set the semi's extra attack at -4 but it's still good either way. Their burst fire rule is pretty similar to what I mentioned, as I would have automatic weapons that have a single target work like that when not firing in a cone.

Very cool, I think you are right on the UNBALANCE OPPONENT.

I also agree with the -4, but to keep everything on the same page, I think I will have to defalt to them and leave it a -2.

And you are right with the full auto at a single target.

Very cool, thank you again, great ideas!

One thing about the semi-auto being able to fire with a standard and move action, what if they are dual wielding? Normally you can only make one attack per round with a standard action regardless of how many weapons you are wielding, so I think you'd only be able to make two attacks even when dual wielding with those rules. To avoid complications I would just have it as a full round action to do two attacks with a semi-auto and four while using two semi-autos. I know you want everything to be on the same page like you said, but I think having a seperate standard and move action to attack is a little weird as opposed to a full round action.

To add on: I also find that standard/move action attack mechanic a little clunky overall. Unless I missed something, it almost defeats the purpose of having that extra attack when your base reaches +6/+1 when you can just take that -2 instead of the -5 from the extra attack. Overall I would have it work like a built-in rapid shot feat.

Cool, very good point. Will add it on, Thank You again!

How is this:

Opponent doesn't add Strength to CMB and CMD
Prerequisite: Brawl
Benefit: You can, with a successful combat maneuver, deny an opponent his Strength bonus to his CMB and CMD, for one round. This will not function on opponents a size category larger or more than you.


This is a single shot per each attack granted by the PC's Base Attack Bonus.

This is a standard action that allows a second shot at -2.

As a standard action, the character fires at from 3 – 10 rounds and on a successful attack the first round will hit and for every 5 points above the targets Armor Class the character gains an additional attack hit.

Automatic is a full round action, and a character can fire in a cone (see below). All individuals within the cone (30’) are targets and each must be rolled separately, with a modifier of -2. In addition, targets are unable to use any concealment abilities.
Machine guns only have autofire settings and can’t normally fire single shots. These weapons can fire as cone (60’) attack, each with a -2 to hit.

If there is only one target aimed at, as a full round action on a successful attack, the first round will hit and for every 5 points above the targets Armor Class the character gains an additional attack hit.

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