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Playtest Pack 01: Races of Omarka #1 (PFRPG) PDF

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Our first Playtest Pack for The Nymian Beastlands Campaign Setting, this material outlines the base racial traits and setting placement for several new races, plus alternate human traits. These new races include the Neanderthal (hominid), Pygmy (hominid), Nezumi, Minoan Minotaur, Cougaran, Canitian, and the Oroka.

A new system of racial level progression is outlined, with a portion of the levels for the latter five races included; these are split up into Base, Advanced, and Paragon Racial Levels, with only the base racial levels covered for each, as well as the advanced racial levels for Cougaran, Canitian, and Oroka.

Like our other digital documents, there is a full-color and print-friendly version of the material, and there is also a PDF portfolio of Feedback Forms, and examples of each of them filled out by our helpful friends, Joe and Mary.

Heed the Call of the Beastlands, and let the Playtesting begin!

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