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Pathfinder Tales: Hell's Pawns ePub

***** (based on 10 ratings)

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By Dave Gross

In the devil-worshiping nation of Cheliax, crime is a strangely slippery concept, and those with money and power tend to make the rules. Yet when aristocrat detective Pathfinder Varian Jeggare and his devil-blooded bodyguard Radovan are drawn into a series of noble murders, it quickly becomes clear that there's more afoot than simply someone settling old scores. Add in a zealous Hellknight law-keeper with a chip on his shoulder, and not even the heroes are safe from suspicion. Can the crime-solving duo delve into the city's seedy underbelly and uncover the culprit in time to stop the murders, or will their next public appearance be writhing on the executioner's tines in the Plaza of Flowers?

From fan-favorite author Dave Gross comes a gritty mystery of death and devils, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Originally published in the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, this novella can be read on its own or as a prequel to the novel Prince of Wolves and the short story "The Lost Pathfinder."

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***** (based on 10 ratings)

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****( )

Fun Adventure, Brings Cheliax to Life


I am not a big reader of RPG tie-in fiction, but having listened to (the first?) two Dave Gross interviews on the Know Direction podcast, I found myself more and more intrigued by Radovan and Count Jeggare, and Paizo's PDF Love sale was the perfect excuse to break down and purchase the series. The beginning seemed as good a place as any to start, so I blazed through Hell's Pawns over the past couple days.

This novella certainly delivers on all the promise in Mr. Gross's interviews, serving up a fun and compelling adventure tale. And though I leave this story feeling I know Radovan much better than I know the Count, those glimpses of the Boss that I caught left me curious for more.

And while I'm no expert on RPG tie-in fiction, Hell's Pawns seems successful there, too, giving me my first real feeling of "getting" Cheliax, a corner of Golarion that had never quite gelled for me.

Gross goodness


Radovan + Jeggare + Hellknights + Egorian! What is not to love? 5 chapters long.

Radovan Spoiler:
He ruins his favorite jacket. Muuuuuhahaha!

Amazing start


Really good story... I read it after Prince of Wolves, but this is almost as good read, and a recommended prequel to that great book.

Good kickoff!


Reading Dave Gross' advice on which order to read about the two characters I started with this. And what can I say - I'm impressed. The short story took me by storm, and now I'm only waiting for the next novel lands in my snail mail box ;-)

1 to 5 of 10 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | next > last >>

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