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C.J. Ruby's Exploding Aces


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What is Exploding Aces?

CJ Ruby's Exploding Aces: A Cinematic RPG is the first original RPG system from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. CJ has been a contributor and designer on several of our PFRPG-Compatible products, including our critically praised books Luven Lightfinger's Gear & Treasure Shop and Inkantations: A Sourcebook of Tattoo Magic & Body Art, and now we are proud to produce this original system - Exploding Aces.

Exploding Aces is a unique RPG system where the core mechanic uses playing cards instead of dice to determine success or failure. The flavor of the system is cinematic and we present it without genre, allowing you to use the system to emulate your favorite action-oriented films, TV shows, novels or comics. You can use the system to run survival horror, western, sci-fi, urban fantasy, action hero, or any number of other genres. It's great for one-shots or campaigns as well.

A cinematic system?

EA is a cinematic RPG. Action is fast paced (as demonstrated in the video!), allowing the Director (the person who runs the story) and the Actors (the players) to focus on storytelling. Also, with using a deck of cards and knowing which cards (Aces and Jokers) have not yet turned up in the deck, a level of tension is added to the action as it plays out. Will the Actors succeed wildly by flipping an Ace that explodes (granting an immediate, sometimes Sterling, success) or fail stunningly by turning over a Joker that ends their turn and leads to a botch?

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