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The Secrets of the Luckbringer (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 5 ratings)

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Wanted: players who want good fortunes rather than great plans!

This new base class is designed for use by player characters at every level of play, allowing the character to manipulate probablities. The luckbringer's abilites allow it to make narrow escapes, cause sudden and strange occurances to damage and hinder thier opponents,and increase its chance of making a critical hit. This class can also be easily introduced into any new campaign with a simple plug and play first person introduction.

The Secrets of the Luckbringer is brought to you by the same designer who crafted the hugely successful Book of Monster Templates and the best-selling Feats 101. In addition, this product is the fifth book in "The Secrets of" series.

Author: Steven D. Russell
Cover Image: Caravaggio
Pages: 9

Includes HeroLab data files (requires the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core data files to use).

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Product Reviews (5)

Average product rating:

***** (based on 5 ratings)

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Excellent class, poor editing

****( )

The luckbringer class itself, and the fluffy introduction are awesome. However, the document suffers a great deal for it's terribly shoddy editing. This includes referencing the class by a different name, and generally poor punctuation, such as the omission of commas, words, and misspellings.



This was my first introduction to Rite Publishing, and I have to tell you I was amazed. I purchased this because I read it was inspired by the Time Thief a class that I really enjoy playing.

Loved every bit of this class, it had flavor, a fun to use mechanic. Like the Time Thief it was a different take on a martial/skill monkey. The very next character I'm going to play is a Luckbringer.

I could go on and tell you all the features but others have done a good job of that already. What I will say is this, I would have paid $9.00 for this PDF and still would have said it was worth the money, both from a GM point of view as well as a Player's point of view. Do I recommend this absolutely.

Not only did I buy this it impressed me enough to pick up Secrets of the Gunslinger, 101 New Skill Uses, 101 Renegade Class Feats, and #30 Flesh Graphs. None of these disappointed me.

If you are worried about 3rd party products do your self a favor buy this class and give it a shot I'm sure you will like.

My rating a well deserved 5 stars.

A luck based class.


The Secrets of the Luckbringer by Rite Publishing

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

New Base Class Luckbringer (9 pages)
This section is all about the new base class. D8, 6 skills, medium BaB, 2 good saves, all simple and one exotic weapon, light, medium armor, and shields.
Moment of Chance – They gain luck points and can spend them to do one of three things.
Improbable – is gained at 2nd level and every 2 levels afterwords. There is a choice of 11 abilities to pick from. Once the ability is learned the can be used just like with Moment of Chance.
Nothing is Written – works just like Improbable With 11 powers to choose from.
Longshot – Another collection of powers gained at 5th and every 4 levels afterwords, but otherwise works like Improbable. With 7 powers to choose from.
Highly Improbable – Starting at 10th level 11 new powers are added to the Improbable pool of powers to pick from.
Major Disaster – The cap stone ability. Cause a area to suffer every natural disaster at once.

It ends with a OGL and ads (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The artwork is black and white and pretty good. Layout and editing where good. I didn't notice any obvious errors or problems. This classes uses the same type of system as the Time Thief book and the earlier Taskshaper book. I thought the rules where better written and much more clear than Rite Publishing's first attempt with the system they did with Taskshaper. The concept of the class is someone that is very lucky, they spend their points to use powers that mimic powerful luck for themselves or bad luck for enemies. Each of the class abilities introduces a new set of powers they can learn getting steadily more powerful.

I will be totally honest, the concept of the class really isn't something I am personally interested in. But I know others do love it, one of the guys in one of the groups I play with absolutely loves the class. He really enjoys the concept and powers behind this class. So with that in mind I am going to give this a 5 star review. The class does exactly as promised and does it well and if the concept interest you in the slightest I think you will enjoy it and I recommend picking it up.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

Kiss the Blarney Stone


Well, no, the luckbringer isn't Irish. An irishman might wish he had the luckbringer's ability to alter chance.

This is written from the perspective of Rikva Cardsharp, a self titled luckbringer. I love this first person point of view. From her expository on her abilities we learn about this specialist class. There is no question that the luckbringer is a variant of a rogue core class, but it has abilities specific to altering fate rather than rogue talents. One noted traditional rogue ability the luckbringer does not get, and that is the sneak attack.

What does the luckbringer receive in place of the missing rogue abilities? The first called “Moment of Chance” is a pool-point ability, which increases as the luckbringer’s levels increase. With this the luckbringer can cause minor things to happen which alter fate just a touch. In game terms this can mean a reroll to have a chance at a different result, adding +1 or -1 to a roll resolving an action that takes place near the luckbringer, or even an added possibility of avoiding a deadly result from an attack or spell. As the luckbringer increases in experience she gains more chances per day and more and greater abilities to affect fate around her.

Starting at second level is the next set of abilities called “Improbable” from which the player can choose at every even level after. These relate to greater “weal or woe” affects on those the luckbringer targets. “Nothing is Written” is the name of the next set of abilities that arise at 3rd level with which the PC can use to escape negative results from a free reroll to added evasion or even extraordinary luck while chasing or being chased. And then at 5th level are the “Longshot” abilities which are expansions of the “Improbable” abilities received prior. At 10th level are even greater probability alterations termed “Highly Improbable.” Finally at level 20 there is an ability which sends a massive natural disaster upon the luckbringer’s target and can do a great deal of damage unless somehow avoided.

This class reminds me of one of my favorite characters in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, Matrim Cauthon. I think it would be fun to play a perhaps less than talented rogue who keeps getting into and out of scrapes by sheer luck and not even knowing why. Cool! I love the luckbringer! This is a well-thought out fun character class and it doesn’t hurt that the art sprinkled throughout is eye catching as well. I rate Secrets of the Luckbringer at 5 of 5 stars.

A very cool take on the trope of fortune's favored


This pdf is 14 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD and 2 pages advertisements, leaving 9 pages for the new base-class of the Luckbringer. Let's check it out!

After a great IC-introduction to the new luckbringer-class (which ranks among the coolest and most amusing ones I've read by Rite Publishing), we are introduced to the new class. Mechanically, it's a medium BAB, good ref and will-saves, d8, 6+Int modifier non-spellcasting class somewhere along the lines of Super Genius Games Time Thief in the manner that the class focuses on cool abilities that can be activated via free actions. The key difference, of course, being that the abilities center around luck (or lack thereof) rather than time. So, let me explain a bit further:

The base ability of the class is called moment of chance and can be used to get a save to avoid being dropped below 0 HP, add a bonus or penalty to checks or reroll one roll within 100 ft. The class gets 3+level points for this ability, ensuring that it gets additional uses every level. You think that is cool?

At second level and each even level after that, they get to choose a so-called Improbable ability from 11 different abilities. These abilities do use moment of chance points and range from becoming better at escaping, get benefits of critical feats, force miss chances upon enemies or negate them, take 20 if they normally couldn't etc. It should be noted that almost all abilities can be used in favor of the luckbringer or to the detriment of opponents, necessitating fair scaling saving throws mostly dependent of level on Cha-mod of the luckbringer. If you're like me, you do now get what archetype this class lends itself to. The coolest ability, by far, though, is Hazard (Su) : With this ability, the luckbringer can cause a damaging, improbable mishap to happen to an enemy, which is DAMN cool - both the player and the DM can each and every time determine specific, extremely improbable mishaps. This has to be one of the best abilities to encourage funny/cool ideas at the table ever.
Luckbringers get even more choices, though: Over the course of their 20 levels, they can choose up to 6 "Nothing is Written"-powers from a list of 10, which are not dependent on the pool and range from rolling twice a random roll and taking the better result, over evasion up to being extremely lucky when escaping/giving chase. Especially the latter is plain awesome for both PCs and NPCs. "You'll NEVER catch me!" *cackles with glee*

Need more customization opportunities? The class has more to offer: Luckbringers also get to choose from up to 5 longshot powers from a list of 7, which range from a pool of freely usable bonuses per day over making botches crits and vice versa up to automatically getting an item via improbable means.

Beginning at 10th level, the list of Improbable abilities you get to choose from is expanded upon by 11 additional powers, some improving other abilities while others are brand-new, resulting in a highly customizable class.
The capstone ability is also great - the luckbringer summons a landslide, supercell-lightning-bolt or something alike on his enemy, causing 200 points damage. Nice and just as cool as Hazard.

The pieces of b/w-artwork by Toby Gregory are nice, the public domain art also fits the theme. Layout adheres to the two-column classic RiP-standard. Formatting is top-notch. Editing was flawless up to the final two pages, where some minor errors have found their way into the book. The pdf is extensively book-marked, making electronic reference at the table easy. The IC-writing for which I love almost all RiP-products reaches a high point in this pdf, being among the most entertaining and yet cool, offering a nice gender-twisted touch to the traditional scoundrel myths and behaviors. Oh. That was it, wasn't it? The bad "S"-word. Yep. I said it. Scoundrel. Like in "Complete Scoundrel." Before you start to get reflexive headaches due to remembering how broken that book was, let me assure you: Luckbringer is NOTHING like Complete Scoundrel. Yes, it focuses on the players who want to play the perpetually lucky hero, but everything Complete Scoundrel did wrong, Secrets of the Luckbringer does right and the few things CS did ok, this pdf improves upon. BIG TIME. Mechanic-wise there nothing to complain about. The IC-writing is glorious and even in the rules-section I really can only list one point of criticism: I encountered three minor editing glitches on the last 2 pages. While they did not really deter all too much from me understanding anything, they just jumped at me due to the more or less flawless nature of the rest of the pdf. I would have loved to see more powers, though there are enough to make them versatile indeed. Thus, my final conclusion will be as follows: If you don't care about some minor editing glitches in an otherwise completely awesome, cheap class-book, this pdf is 5 stars. If you're as pedantic as I am, consider it 4.5 stars. In any case, Steven D. Russell has once again created a great new class and the only question I'd like to ask is: When do we get more support for the luckbringer? I'd definitely love to see a sequel. Gift Certificates
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