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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Brindisi Protocol (OGL) PDF

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The End is Nigh!

Are these the end times? Plague and pestilence have appeared all over the world, and nations are at each other's throats. And is Ogdoad Research somehow behind this apparent apocalypse? An Ogdoad insider wants to meet with the heroes--but the heroes' hands are tied as a congressional investigation into Department-7's activities puts them all under close scrutiny.

The Brindisi Protocol is a stand-alone modern d20 System adventure that also serves as the third in a series of adventures in the new Bronze Head Campaign. Additional material is included so that The Brindisi Protocol can easily be modified to fit any style of modern campaign. Also included is The Bronze Head Campaign Standards Documents for those who want to play The Brindisi Protocol as an RPGA-sanctioned event. Designed for 4th-level heroes with notes included to help with level adjustments.

A modern d20 system adventure by JD Wiker.

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