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Redakai TCG: Hobby Gold Pack

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Each Hobby Gold Pack contains six X-Drive Character, Monster, and/or Attack collector cards, with a guarantee of one Rare or Super Rare X-Drive, and one Gold Pack Rare.

Get ready for the next big thing in collectible gaming! This summer, Spin Master will introduce Redakai, a truly innovative trading card game franchise that introduces a whole new dimension of play. Best known for Bakugan, a figure-based game that became a global phenomenon, Spin Master is out to create another success by combining the magic of never-before-seen technology with intuitive yet sophisticated gameplay.

Redakai's first major innovation is a visual breakthrough that puts holofoils to shame: 3D cards called "X-Drives." Redakai's Character and Monster X-Drives use stereoscopic lenticular technology to create 3D images on paper-thin cards. X-Drives truly have to be seen to be believed - no 3D glasses required! Redakai also uses lenticular cards to deliver amazing animations. The game's Attack X-Drives feature animated images - swinging plasma swords, surging flames, shattering ice crystals - that truly bring the game's action to life! Because X-Drives are printed on clear plastic, the cards have another surprising feature: stackability. This allows for play that's as fresh as the game's visuals.

Redakai's "Stack to Battle" gameplay is incredibly intuitive. Play an Attack X-Drive on an opponent's Character, and you immediately see the damage you're doing to that Character's health bar. Stack a Monster card on your own Character, and it bolsters your defenses or heals damage.

This simple stacking mechanic is just the foundation for a sophisticated game. To design the gameplay, Spin Master partnered with Justin Gary, a former Magic: the Gathering World Champion and creator of the hit deck-building game Ascension. Gary has focused on fast-paced but complex play. "Redakai is easy to learn, but the advanced rules are designed to support tournament play. Reacts, deck building and strategic decision points are all crucial parts of the game."

Redakai is more than just the next hit trading card game - it's an entertainment franchise. The Redakai animated series will air on Cartoon Network, starting this summer. It tells the story of Ky, Boomer, and Maya, three teens racing to gather mystical Kairu energy from around the globe. As Kairu warriors, Ky and his teammates can channel the energy into super-powered martial arts attacks. When they become fully "metacharged," they can even transform into powerful monsters. As the heroes of the animated series train and battle, their goal is to achieve the ultimate level of Kairu mastery - to become Redakai. But in their race to collect Kairu energy, they must face Lokar, a fallen Redakai who seeks to enslave the galaxy. The fate of the world rests on Ky's mission: to collect Kairu energy, harness its power and defeat Lokar's evil forces.

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