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101 0-Level Spells (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 3 ratings)

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Never Cast the Same Spell Twice!

101 0-Level Spells gives you—yes, you guessed it—101 0-level spells that will help you realize the vision you've had for your spellcaster.

From spells that are cast as swift and immediate actions to a spell that lets you remove a target's pants, or create a guardian mote that protects you from minor damage, 101 0-Level Spells brings a host of new possiblities to your character's repertoire.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 101 0-Level Spells adds new agonizing choices to the creation of your character's spell list and their advancement without breaking the game.

Created as part of the 101 Series Subscription.

Author: Steven D. Russell
Artist: Joe Calkins
Pages: 19

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 3 ratings)

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The cherry on top of the series


101 0th Level Spells by Rite Publishing

This product is 24 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

Spell Tables (3 pages)
Bards – 43
Cleric – 41
Druid – 34
Wiz/Sorc - 82
Abjuration – 7
Conjuration – 9
Divination – 10
Enchantment – 7
Evocation – 14
Illusion - 7
Necromancy - 8
Transmutation – 20

Spells (16 pages)
Here is the description for all the spells in the book. Here is a few of my favorites.
Animate Tools – Think Micky in Fantasia.
Antagonize Wounds – take one damage a round if fort save is failed
Askew Balance – make save or fall down
Blossom – Makes flowers bloom
Create Snow – you make it snow... I do have one issue with this spell. It has a volume instead of a area of effect. I would have preferred something like you can create heavy snow in a 10 by 10 area, moderate snow in a 20 by 20 or light snow in a 40 by 40 per level(this is just a example to make a point and not accurate) instead of creating X gallons of snow per level, fitting in what ever area can hold it or up to three times as large.
Dark Bubbles – Makes shadows become deep shadows. Like the spell but silly name.
Discern Health – over several rounds can tell the health of living creatures.
Dim – lowers the light in a area.
Encrypt – Make something written encrypted and hard to read.
Light my Fire – start a normal fire.
Parry Strike/Shot – two spells that do the same, gain a +2 AC vs the next attack made against you, one is melee and one ranged.
Quill – Summons a phantom quill/pen that needs no ink.
Shadow Snag – touch a shadow and on a failed save the owner of the shadow is under the entangled condition
Smoke Image – can make a complex image our of smoke.
Summon Natures Alley, Minor – You can summon a tiny creature.

It ends with a OGL, Ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The art is black and white, ranges from fair to good. Editing and layout where both very good. There was a few spells I thought where a little silly, like Pants that just removes a targets pants. Some that was cute but of little use like Smoke Image, but these are cantrips and I liked the vast majority of them and even the ones I didn't care for was more a matter of taste than anything wrong with the spell. I really have nothing negative to say, really my biggest issues was with the Create Snow spell and how they worded it. So whats my rating? Well going to go with a 5 star. If you like cantrips you will love this and if you liked the rest of the series I recommend it.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

Well worth your time and money


Another excellent addition to the 101 spells series. The spells add great flavor to what is available to low level spell casters, and increases the opportunities in game. My group has had a blast adding these into our campaign. Not every spell is perfect, and some are either a little over or under powered for the level, although a spells power can be hard to discern without more play testing. I whole heartedly suggest that you pick this up and see how it can expand you game. All 10 were excellent, well put together, and very creative. I hope Rite thinks about making a limited edition hard cover with all 10 of these releases, with their fixes, available. I for one would pick that up, especially if I could get some signatures on it!

Need more options for low-level casters? You have to check this out.


This pdf is 24 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD and 2 pages advertisements, leaving 19 pages for 101 o-level spells. Let's dive in!

After three pages of spell-lists, we get to the spells. The spells are:

- Alter Taste (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Changes taste, but not after the spell is cast.

- Animate Tools (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Accomplishes mundane tasks with your craft or profession skill

- Antagonize Wound(Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Deal 2 points of damage by touching a wound, 1 on a successful save.

- Askew Balance (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Let creature fall prone on a failed fort save. Not sure whether this shouldn't be a CMD-check on the target's side, but oh well.

- Awaken (Sor/Wiz): Wake up target as if slapped.

- Balance Weapon (Clr, Sor/Wiz): +1 enhancement bonus to weapon, does not count as magical.

- Bash (Sor/Wiz): Next melee attack gains +2 to atk and reduces miss chance by concealment 10%

- Blossom (Brd, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Lets flowers blossom.

- Bone Spurs (Sor/Wiz): Deals 1d6 damage, but creature targeted gains +1 damage to grapple, natural & unarmed attacks

- Canny Effort (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Next skill check gets +2 insight bonus

- Capture Alive (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Nonmagical melee damage is converted into nonlethal damage.

- Cauterize (Sor/Wiz): Deals one point of damage, but stops bleed.

- Ceremonial Servant (Clr, Drd): Shadowy servant helps with ceremonies.

- Clandestine Conversation (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Makes conversation between 2 creatures private.

- Clean (Sor/Wiz): Clean dirt.

- Cleanse of Alcohol (Brd, Clr, Sor/Wiz): Negates effects of alcohol. I don't like this spell, especially not at this level. It could possibly ruin too many
good adventure set-ups and makes e.g. drunks in-game look like idiots.

- Cloth Armor (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Use cloth to improvise padded armor.

- Conjurer's Toolbelt (Sor/Wiz): Conjure a tool for your use.

- Countervailing (Clr, Drd): Temporarily reverses detrimental effects of other spells. E.g. -6 to Str would become +3. I think this spell is grossly
overpowered, especially for level 0, and should be disallowed.

-Crack (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Deal 1d3 DR and hardness-ignoring damage to an object, construct or undead creature.

- Create Snow (Drd): Create some snow.

- Crystal Symbol (Clr, Drd): Make a ranged touch attack for 1d3 divine damage.

- Dark Baubles (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Lets an object cast a dark shadow, granting a bonus to stealth.

- Dawdle (Sor/Wiz): -4 to Ini and -1 to reflex saves.

- Daze Animal (Drd, Rgr 1): Daze an animal with 4 or lesser HD.

- Decrypt (Brd, Sor/Wiz): +5 to decipher encrypted message.

- Detect Charm (Brd, Clr, Pal 1, Sor/Wiz): Detect charm spells.

- Detune (Brd): Detune instrument, imposing a -4 to perform.

- Dim (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Halves light strength.

- Discern Health (Clr, Drd): Detects HP, negative conditions etc. in
subsequent rounds. Due to the HP- and whether someone is drained etc.
info, I don't like this spell. I just don't like metagamey stuff like that.

- Disorienting Quake (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Target is shaken for one round and may
fall prone.

- Divining Rod (Drd, Rgr 1): Find water, shelter or grown food.

- Drench (Drd): Deal 1 point nonlethal damage and extinguish small fires.

- Elemental Sample (Sor/Wiz): Creates a small piece of the given element for
a short time.

- Encrypt (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Code a message.

- Eyes of the Augur (Clr, Sor/Wiz): +10 to spellcraft to identify spells. That is
a bif bonus for level 0. I would have went with +5.

- Glimmer of Hope (Brd, Clr, Drd): Adds +10% to the chance of the target stabilizing once it drops to negative HP.

- Gnome's Gold (Sor/Wiz): Impose -1 per 2 caster levels on appraise checks for the given item.

- Guardian Mote (Sor/Wiz): Mote absorbs 1d3 damage on the next attack that hits you.

- Guide Vessel (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Guide vessels with simple commands. Only simple movements work.

- Heaven's Teardrop (Clr, Drd): Deal 1 bludgeoning and 1 fire damage on a ranged attack.

- Idyllic Sleep (Sor/Wiz): Sleep well in terrible conditions.

- Infuse Weapon (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Choose an energy: Deal +1 damage of the chosen energy with your weapon.

- Iounic Transportation: Lets object orbit your head like an Ioun stone.

- Irksome Weapon (Sor/Wiz): Weapon punishes for provoking attacks of opportunity.

- Layer of Ice (Brd, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Target gets 1 cold damage, but also fire resistance 5.

- Light my Fire (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Start a fire when materials are there.

- Lightning Sand (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Entangle enemies.

- Lightsight (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Ignore penalties for light blindness.

- Long-range Weapon (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Increase range increment of ranged weapon by 50% for one attack.

- Low Blow (Brd, Clr, Sor/Wiz): 1 point bludgeoning damage and 1 round sickened.

- Magic Spike, Lesser (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Decrease DCs of enemies spells or spell-like abilities by 1.

- Mishap (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Make a caster level check and select a scroll mishap.

- Omen Casting (Sor/Wiz): Next spell you cast on the target gets +1 DC.

- Overlook (Brd, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Makes object easier to hide.

- Pants (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Lets targets pants drop.

- Parry Strike (Sor/Wiz): Gain +2 to AC against the next melee attack, whether it hits you or not.

- Parry Shot (Sor/Wiz): Gain +2 to AC against the next ranged attack, whether it hits you or not.

- Pause (Brd, Sor/Wiz): -4 to Ini

- Phantasmal Tripwire (Sor/Wiz): Tripwire potentially trips enemy, dealing nonlethal damage.

- Pointer (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Lightbeam from finger to show stuff, can be used to amuse felines.

- Putrefy Food and Drink (Clr, Drd): Spoils food and drink.

- Quicken Stride (Brd, Drd, Sor/Wiz): +5 ft movement rate.

- Quill (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Conjures up a quill.

- Ray of Mercy (Sor/Wiz): Deal 1d4 nonlethal damage.

- Resistance to Fear (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): +2 morale bonus against fear.

- Restlessness (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Prevents target from sleeping for 24 hours.

- Rigged Coin (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Coin always lands on the same side.

- Sand in your Eyes (Sor/Wiz): Deals 1 point slashing damage and blinds
target for 1 round.

- Seeker (Sor/Wiz): Next ranged attack gains +2 to atk and reduces miss chance by concealment 10%.

- Shadow Snag (Sor/Wiz): Snag shadow to entangle foe.

- Shelve(Brd, Clr, Sor/Wiz): Correctly shelve item.

- Shield open Flame (Drd, Sor/Wiz): Helps against wind.

- Sickening Smell (Clr, Drd): Sicken targets.

- Sign of Discovery (Brd, Clr, Sor/Wiz): +2 to next Knowledge, Sense Motive or Perceptions check.

- Signal (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Signal can be heard in 1000 ft.

- Simple Bed (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Create a simple bed in e.g. nature.

- Slapping Hand (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Ranged touch to slap enemy for 1 damage.

- Smoke Image (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Create image from smoke.

- Song of Serenity (Brd): Negate fatigue of an ally.

- Spider's Thread (Sor/Wiz): Create a rope and anchor it e.g. to the ceiling. Now that is just damn cool.

- Spook Animal (Brd, Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Frighten animals.

- Stonesense (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Gain stonecunning. If you have it, +5 to Perception.

- Subconscious Aggression (Sor/Wiz): If atarget has rolled a natural 1 on an attack, he must reroll and potentially hit an ally.

- Summarize (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Summarize up to 250 pages.

- Summon Nature's minor Ally (Drd): Summons tiny or diminutive animal of 1/2 HD or less.

- Thicken (Clr, Drd): Increase hardness by 10% up to 50%.

- Thorn of Light (Drd): Deal 1 point magical slashing damage on a ranged touch.

- Timer (Brd, Sor/Wiz): Audible alarm after set time. Cool one.

- Touch of Fascination (Sor/Wiz): Target is fascinated for the duration.

- Touch of Fatigue (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Target is fatigued, but can save again.

- Touch of Lethargy (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Target gains the staggered condition.

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