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Paper Figure Counter Stands—1"

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

Our Price: $12.99

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Set of 10 multi-part stands. The Small size counter stands are designed for use with 1-inch-square paper counters. The paper counters are held vertical by two layers of this clear plastic, with a clear base. These stands allow you to handle your counters much easier than lying flat on the table.

Assembly with glue required.

Litko recommends Craftics #33 Thick Acrylic Cement for assembling multi-part acrylics.

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Ships from our warehouse in 4 to 11 business days.

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Product Reviews (1)

Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Great gaming accessory - will be buying many more

****( )

(Using same review of different sizes, as they are comparable.)

Seriously, the paper figure counter stands have become my latest favorite gaming accessory - right up there with the Alea Tools status markers). I'll never have to buy another figure. Every time I need something, I print an image of what the PCs will be encountering in an appropriately sized image, cut it out, fold it, and put it in the stand. Once the encounter is done, I pull it out and get rid of it. If that individual might return, I'll keep the image for future use. If it's a generic goon, I'll just use an appropriately sized squares of different colors (or different backgrouns on the same images), so we can all easily tell from a distance which figure is which. ("I attack the green goblin with my rapier!")

They're a little cumbersome/messy to put together, but not seriously challenging. And I added adhesive magnetic material to the base so they work with my Alea Tools status markers.

The PCs especially love it when someone uses enlarge person and I pull out the large (2") stand with the PC's image on it! These really are impressive tools - I highly recommend them!

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