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Future Armada: Morningstar PDF

Our Price: $5.95

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The ConFed Starship Morningstar is a Fenris-class heavy corvette designed for extended patrol and escort duties. It often operates alone as police ship and border patrol vessel. A common sight in civilized space, this class of warship is occasionally refitted for civilian use.

This progress-level six starship is 325 ft long and can carry a crew of 30 (though it can be operated with far fewer personnel). It is armed with an array of laser turrets and missile launchers, as well as an intimidating spinal mounted cannon. With hangar bays on either side, there is ample room for a couple fighters, shuttles, or even more cargo space as needed.

The .zip file contains the following:

  • Overview
    • 11-page PDF file detailing the ship, interior locations, and personnel.
    • Open Game License stats provided for the vessel, crew, and landing craft.
  • Map Book
    • Full-color 23-page PDF file containing complete interior maps.
    • Miniature-scale maps for tactical combat.
    • Broken into pages for easy printing.
  • Printer-friendly, black-and-white version of the map book.
  • Giant composite map image.
    • 150 dpi, color JPEG image. 36 x 61 inches.
    • Great for online applications.
  • "Bonus Art" directory with exterior views of the ship and shuttle.

Sample documents and bonus art available at

This first installment of Future Armada is meant to serve as a ready-made vessel for use by either players or game master. It can be easily adapted to other progress levels, or game systems. Add the Morningstar to your armada and bring the details of your sci-fi campaign to life!

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