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Smuggler's Rowboat 28mm/30mm Paper Model PDF

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This is a papercraft vehicle kit for all sorts of tabletop games, miniature dioramas, model railroads, class projects or just for fun. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring only a single sheet of cardstock, a sharp hobby knife and ordinary paper glue. This is a PDF product, so you'll need a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later recommended). Detailed assembly instructions are provided, including tips and advice for printing at various popular gaming and model railroad scales. This model may be printed at gaming scales between 20mm and 30mm, and possibly smaller. (At very small scales, say 15mm or below, you may find that the smaller parts become too difficult to assemble.)

All of the graphics in this product are presented in high-quality 300dpi. The Smuggler's Rowboat includes 2 ready-to-print rowboat files, and 1 multi-layered PDF giving you a huge selection of skins to choose from. You can print this model over and over, choosing a different look every time. It's many models in one! (Download your free copy of the Coach House 30mm Paper Model to see how my texture layers work.)

MULTI-LAYERED FILES: This is one of my most detailed models ever. You get all of these texture options:

  • Choose the hull color (5 options)
  • Choose the trim color (5 options)
  • Choose a mast & sail or a selection of crates and chests of questionable origin
  • Choose a sail type (3 options)
  • Choose sail details such as stripes or a painted symbol
  • Choose a boat name (lots of options)
  • Choose heavy weathering, tools, and other details
  • And much more!
SINGLE LAYERED FILES: For your printing convenience, you also get 2 prepared rowboats. These feature color schemes and other extras that aren't found on the multi-layered version. This opens up even more customization for you, since you can freely swap parts between the single-layered and multi-layered versions. DIMENSIONS:  The Smuggler's Rowboat measures about 3.4" long by 1.3" wide. With the mast & sail attached, it stands approximately 3.2" tall. Without the mast & sail, there's room for two standard 28mm/30mm miniatures to stand. With the mast in place, standing room becomes scarce. (As an option, you can choose a mast position that's off-centered. This will give your minis more room to stand but may look a little odd.)

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