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Small Shop 28mm/30mm Paper Model PDF

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This is 28mm/30mm-scale terrain for wargaming, skirmish games, dioramas, roleplaying games, model railroads, class projects or just for fun. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring just 2 sheets of cardstock, a sharp hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.

The Small Shop model's multi-layered PDFs make it suitable for printing several times, each with a unique appearance. Scatter this model around your town layout to serve as a small house, office, toll booth, guest house or servants' quarters. You can easily combine the Small Shop with other papercraft models, for an authentically medieval jumbled appearance.

Full instructions are provided, including printing tips and advice for printing at various popular gaming and model railroad scales. This file is 200dpi, which will look great when printed at full size without requiring large file sizes. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to use them, and the multiple layers may take additional time to render, so be patient while your images load onto the screen.

MULTI-LAYERED FILES: The PDFs included in this model are multi-layered and contain a variety of surface textures and external features that you can customize with the click of your mouse. Each model can be configured in countless ways before printing, so what you're really getting are many models in one! Choose from the selection of base textures and add or remove external features, then print as many versions as you like. (Be sure to download your free copy of the Coach House 30mm Paper Model to see how my texture layers work.)

DIMENSIONS: This model has a footprint of approximately 3.6" x 2.25" and stands approximately 5.4" tall, not including the chimney.

CONTENTS: The Small Shop consists of the wall sections, roof, chimney and ground tile.

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