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Futuristic Coins Bronze Set PDF

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These papercraft coins are easy to make and will look great as game pieces for science fiction RPGs, wargames and more. All you need are a few sheets of cardstock to print on, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors or a hobby knife and cork-backed aluminum ruler.

Each coin has 2 distinct faces, and each sheet contains enough pieces to create 24 coins. They come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. Print as many as you need of each type, and hand them out to your players or use them to track currency in your favorite games, or even home-brewed board games. These coins will add a lot of flavor to your RPG sessions, and players can store their coins in their dice bags between games.

Sometimes, your players just need to do some shopping. Cardstock coins are a great way to handle a lot of monetary transactions in a single session. Instead of writing down a lot of numbers over the course of the shopping expedition, the players can hand their currency over to the GM. When their spree is over, they can see exactly how much money they've got left over.

They also work great as gambling chips.

Other colors of futuristic coins are available, and there are enough color choices so that you'll be able to print each denomination onto a different one. This means that you're able to easily tell the value of each coin at a glance. You can use one color to indicate standard galactic credits, and another color to represent the coinage of the evil invaders. Or, the different colors could represent cash on hand, versus money invested in a bank. If your currency has very small denominations (such as 1/100th of a credit) you can use one color of coin for those small denominations, and another color for full-value credit pieces.

SINGLE-LAYERED FILES: For your printing convenience, there are 8 sheets of single-layered PDFs included. Each sheet contains pieces for 24 double-sided coins, with a fill page dedicated to the following denominations: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000.

MULTI-LAYERED FILE: As an added feature, there's a multi-layered PDF that contains all of the denominations listed above, and features 5 layers of weathering effects to give your coins the appearance of well-handled currency. With the click of your mouse, add grime, scratches, pits, fingerprints and discoloration.

CONTENTS: This product contains 8 single-layered PDFs and 1 multi-layered PDF. These files are print-quality 300dpi resolution.

DIMENSIONS: Each coin measures approximately 1.25" x 0.8". You can easily print these sheets on US Letter Size or A4 Size without going beyond the margins of most printers.

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