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Tax Collector's Office 28mm/30mm Paper Model PDF

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This is 28mm/30mm-scale terrain for wargaming, skirmish games, dioramas, roleplaying games, model railroads, class projects or just for fun. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring just 5 sheets of cardstock, a sharp hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.

The Tax Collector's Office model can be used as any other sort of government office, tall house, restaurant, hotel, sanitarium, prison and so on. You can easily combine this model with other papercraft models for an authentic medieval jumbled appearance.

Full instructions are provided, including printing tips and advice for printing at various popular gaming and model railroad scales. This file is 200dpi, which will look great when printed at full size without requiring large file sizes. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later to view these files.

SINGLE LAYERED FILES: The PDFs included in this model are single-layered, offering just one appearance, as seen below. (This is mentioned because many of Dave Graffam Model's products are multi-layered PDFs that provide a wide selection of optional layers. However, multi-layered files aren't always convenient, and so this Tax Collector's Office is offered as a specially-priced stand-alone model.)

DIMENSIONS: The Tax Collector's Office has a footprint of 3.8" x 4.4", and stands approximately 10" tall, not including the chimney.

CONTENTS: This model includes walls, a roof, a 4" x 5" ground tile, a dormer window, a hanging sign, chimney, balcony, external stairs, 7 wooden crates, pieces to reinforce the main structure, and 3 step-sized pieces that can be placed underneath your miniatures so they can easily stand on the stair steps.

BONUS ADD-ON! This product download includes a bonus PDF to give you new ways to customize your Tax Collector's Office model. You get a PDF of optional roof textures, so you'll be able to print this model again and again, each time with a unique appearance. (Note that this bonus PDF is multi-layered, and many of the layers will be hidden when you first open them. Look for the layers palette on the left-hand side of Adobe Acrobat.)

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