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Solid State War Game: Interceptor Vehicle Pack PDF

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This is a vehicle expansion pack for the Solid State War Game Starter Set (available separately). It also includes 3D paper model files that you can print out and assemble into toys, or to use for gaming.

Now you can add the new Zimbe J-21 Interceptor jet to your Solid State War air forces. It's a high-performance machine designed specifically to hunt the Tigress jet that has reigned for months during the EMP Scourge. The Interceptor has new capabilities, allowing for new strategies and more challenging games.

This pack includes two variants of the J-21 Interceptor, 3 new scenarios, the Amazonia campaign, a set of new combat dice, a special edition Range Finder, 2D playing pieces and more. It includes everything you need to add this jet to your game.

To create the game pieces and models, you'll need some sheets of cardstock (I recommend 110 lb., or 199gsm matte photo stock), scissors, a hobby knife and ordinary paper glue. Step by step instructions are included. All of the models and playing pieces are provided in two sizes to accommodate your preferred style of play.

Here's a complete list of what you'll find in this pack:

  • The Amazonia campaign, a great new way to link your scenarios together. It comes with a map and 7 double-sided tokens to mark your army's conquered territories.

  • Three all-new scenarios. In Operation Lightning, the Rebels use their new Interceptors to get the jump on some State Tigresses. In The Gauntlet, the State forces set up a decoy in order to lure Rebel jets within range of their anti-aircraft artillery. In The Wheel, victory may go to the team that out-turns the other.

  • Quick reference rules sheet for the J-21 Interceptor, describing its weapons, devices and armor.

  • Vehicle record sheets for the J-21X experimental variant, and the J-21 main production version.

  • 3D paper model files, including 4 Rebel jets in main force livery, 4 State jets in main force livery, 2 custom skins for Rebel aces, and 2 pages of spare wings and other components to customize your forces. Each of these is offered in large and small scales.

  • 2D playing pieces, including 4 Rebel jets in main force livery, 4 State jets in main force livery, 4 custom skins for Rebels, and 2 custom skins for the State. These are provided in both large and small scales.

  • 5 custom dice that you can print and assemble yourself, including the all-new Checkered die. This set includes a complete set of dice (Circle, Diamond, Hexagon and Circle) with a new look to make them easier to read.

  • A new Range Finder for use with the Interceptor (as well as other jets).

  • Step-by-step assembly instructions for the 3D models.

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