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Solid State War Game Starter Pack PDF

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In this game, you take command of fighter jets in the Solid State War. Challenge your friends to thrilling aerial duels in aircraft loaded with your choice of weapons and special devices. Your mission is to defeat your enemy by blasting them out of the sky or chasing them out of the area. (Want a glimpse of what this game offers without spending a dime? Check out the Air War Free Expansion Pack now available!)

Number of Players: 2 to 4
Playing Time: 30 to 60 minutes
Recommended Ages: 12 and up
Playing Area: About 36” x 48”

This Air War Starter Pack includes game pieces and information for staging battles with the Reynold RG-6 Tigress, a type of jet fighter used by both sides in the war. All you need to play are a few game pieces that can be printed right at home and assembled easily. With just 5 sheets of cardstock, 5 sheets of plain paper, scissors, hobby knife and ordinary paper glue, you’ll have everything you need to create your own combat dice, 2D playing pieces, maneuvering and range finding tools, and record sheets.

Gameplay is fast and intense. Setup takes only moments. Just choose a scenario to run, customize your aircraft with your favorite combination of equipment and crew, and charge into battle to find out if you've got the right stuff! These are the aircraft of a new kind of war in which cutting edge technologies can only do so much. Electromagnetic weapons are the scourge of this war, rendering electronics all but useless in combat. Fighting men and women have to rely on their wits and muscles as much as their machines. Forget about fire-and-forget missiles, satellite positioning systems and supersonic speeds. Combat in the Solid State War is up close and personal, using rudimentary equipment prone to mechanical failure. Although the Solid State War is set in the future, it offers aerial duels more like those of World War I and II.

You can play Solid State War using your own small models, toys, or 2D playing pieces. You can also supplement the game with 3D paper models designed just for it (available separately). The game provides 2D playing pieces in two different scales, offering two styles of play. You can experience fast-and-furious slugfests with the larger scale pieces, or more tactical battles using the smaller scale pieces. As a print-and-play game, you can choose any scale you prefer.

Future Releases: Many exciting supplements are planned for the Solid State War game line. You’ll need this Air War Starter Pack to make use of them, so this is the right way to start your collection. New vehicle packs will contain everything you need to add them to your game, as well as gorgeous 3D paper model files that you can print out and assemble. Other planned releases include ground vehicles and ships, a hero expansion giving you unique and colorful characters to put in command of your war machines, and campaigns full of new scenarios and long-term objectives.

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