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Kingdoms Riven Campaign Setting (PFRPG) PDF

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The Kingdoms Riven Campaign Setting details a world trying to recover from self-imposed magical devastation. The discovering of spells of massive destructive power became too much for madmen crazed with dreams of conquest, and to their eternal shame they used these great weapons on one another, hundreds of thousands of innocents dying in storms of energy, fire and even acid.

The loss of life was not the end of their folly; Whether part of some grand evil scheme or not, the simultaneous casting of such powerful spells weakened the dimensional walls enough for demons to surge through. For a year and a day, they rampaged across the continent of Narrathia, inflicting chaos and misery to a civilisation already brought to its knees.

Sixty years have passed and those few settlements and towns that survived still cling on in the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Civilisation is on a tipping point, the effort of a group of brave heroes would be all it would take to start reclaiming what has been lost.

Designed to be used with the Kingdoms Riven Player's Handbook, the Kingdoms Riven Campaign Setting is over 150 pages long with full colour rendered artwork. From the dwarven stronghold of Vurniken, across the magically wounded Wastelands onto the domain of Varrakus the lich, the Kingdoms Rivens is a classic, low-magic campaign setting that is perfect to spin off your own adventures and campaigns from!

Within this book you can find:

  • Details on running a game in the Kingdoms Riven Campaign Setting.
  • Information on the kingdoms of Narrathia, how they were before the Day of Devastation and their state now.
  • An introduction to life in the Kingdoms Riven, from money through to social rights, types of entertainment, education and environment.
  • A look at the main settlements and towns that now survive, from the sleepy hamlet of Eltin to the surviving cities of Serradin and Hikabarra.
  • A guide to the Arcane Congress, how they structure their members, hold inquisition sessions and treat those from outside their tightly controlled order.
  • Details on the primary organisations operating in the Kingdoms Riven, from the deadly Ravensguild to the Narrathia Partisans. Includes statistic blocks for a rank and file member for each of the larger groups!
  • Details and game statistics for the primary NPC's in the Kingdoms Riven, from King Meround the Second, the head of the dwarves, to Queen Kai'laine, head of the Serradin Elves.
  • New demons and creatures, including the demeling footsoldier, the violith controller, beastmen, Narrathian half-giants and undead tainted by the effects of the Spells of Destruction themselves, the combustion zombies!
  • Maps of the main continent of Narrathia, including locations of demonic infestation.
  • Rendered artwork throughout—both characters and scenes.
  • Full index, allowing you to navigate through the book with ease!

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