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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Kingdoms Riven Player's Handbook (PFRPG) PDF

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Sixty years ago, on a turn of the world now burned into memory as the Day of Devastation, madmen and fools with more power than common sense unleashed magical hell upon the continent of Narrathia. Their failure was not limited to so much wanton destruction, for the spellcasting of unimaginable power lead to the dimensional walls weakening enough for demons to surge through from their abyssal home. For a year and a day the demons ran amuck across the wounded lands.

That was then; this is now. The Kingdoms Riven Player's Handbook gives you, the players, a chance to bolster the shattered civilisation and maybe make a difference that will last beyond your character's lifetime!

The Kingdoms Riven Player's Handbook is designed to be used where the Games Master is using the Kingdoms Riven Campaign Setting, but the book also stands alone by itself. Within this book you can find the following:

  • Three new base classes—The Arcanist, an arcane spellcaster who carries with him the shame of causing the Day of Devastation; The Sentinel, who is a powerful warrior with a strong defensive ability, and the Acolyte, a divine spellcaster who attempts to harness the gifts of the gods forced distant by the Day of Devastation.
  • Three new races—the Drakauk, scions of the dragons, the Kingdoms Riven's own version of the Tiefling race, once human but now forever corrupted refugees from a far-off continent and the Celaenor, tiny winged faeries.
  • Three new prestige classes—the determined Congress Inquisitor, Devout Cleric and the mercurial Sellsword.
  • Rules and guidance on using the core classes and core races from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in the Kingdoms Riven setting.
  • A guide to the gods and goddesses of the Kingdoms Riven, from the human pantheon of the Elected Host to elvish ancestor-worship and the dwarven deification of the titans.
  • New general, combat and racial feats, with additional game rules including a 'disavowed' status for paladins and Providence Marks.
  • New spells and information on the apparatus created and used by the Arcanists.
  • Rendered artwork throughout—both characters and scenes.
  • Full index, allowing you to navigate through the book with ease!

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