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101 8th Level Spells (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Never Cast the Same Spell Twice!

101 8th Level Spells gives you—yes, you guessed it—101 8th level spells that will help you realize the vision you’ve had for your spellcaster.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 101 8th Level Spells adds new agonizing choices to the creation of your character’s spell list and their advancement without breaking the game.

Author: Steven D. Russell
Cover Image: Joe Calkins
Pages: 29

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****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Great addition to the series, never build archmages without it.

****( )

This pdf is 34 pages long 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD and 2 pages of advertisements, leaving 29 pages for 101 8th level spells. Let's dive in!
After 3 pages of spell-lists, we get to the 101 spells. I pasted the spells from the list and added information for which classes the spells were designed. The spells are:
- Anger of the Spirit (Drd): You inflict a terrible curse.

- Baleful Object (Sor/Wiz): Causes an object to deliver a
virulent curse.

- Basilisk Gaze (Drd, Sor/Wiz): Gaze attack turns victims to stone.

- Bastion of Pure Magic (Sor/Wiz): Create a bubble of ‘live magic’ in a ‘dead magic’ or antimagic area.

- Blackburst (Sor/Wiz): Globe of blackness sickens, deals 1d6/level cold/negative energy damage (max. 25d6).

- Blank Face (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Remove a subject’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth

-Burn Out (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz) : You create an area of dead magic.

- Call Down the Thunder (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): You call down two columns of intense thunder, damaging and deafening your foes.

- Chaotic Visions (Sor/Wiz): Random images distract targets, concealing reality from them and nauseating them.

- Chaos Unleashed (Clr 9, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Create a permanent field of unbridled chaos.

- Charm Contagion (Sor/Wiz): Subjects sing your praises to others, charming them in turn. Might potentially upset a campaign. Should be limited to very few or only one caster.

- Construct Form (Sor/Wiz): You gain many properties of a construct.

- Crippling Ray (Sor/Wiz): Ray reduces target’s highest physical ability score by your caster level.

- Curse of Languishing Death (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Victim suffers 1d6 points of Constitution damage/day.

- Curse of Undeath (Clr, Sor/Wiz): When target dies, he will rise as an undead.

- Curse Unto Generations (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Curses a man’s brothers and sons or a woman’s sisters and daughters for four generations.

-Deity’s Form (Clr): Channel a deity’s power through caster’s body.

- Deity’s Sign (Clr): Reveals a deity’s presence on the battlefield dazing unbelievers and empowering believers.

- Deluge (Drd, Sor/Wiz): Heavy rains stun and confuse foes.

- Discern Defenses (Sor/Wiz): You learn the equipment, active spell effects, special defenses, special attacks, and special qualities of a single creature.

- Dispel Magic Field (Sor/Wiz): You create an area of effect dispel magic field which allows you to dispel active spells as well as counter spells targeted at you for the duration of the spell. (Swift)

- Dispel Physical Barrier (Drd, Sor/Wiz): You cause 100hp damage/level to a non-living physical barrier you touch.

- Drowning Poison (Drd, Sor/Wiz 9): Target’s lungs are filled with a contact poison.

- Dweomer Nova (Sor/Wiz): Your spellcasting abilities increase for a short time.

- Earth Barrier, Greater (Clr 9, Drd): A swirling barrier of boulders and granite slates deflects attacks, deals damage to your attackers.

- Echoing Script (Sor/Wiz): Reading text inflicts echopraxia and echolalia.

- Encase in Ice (Sor/Wiz): Entraps target in block of ice.

-Enspelled Weapon (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Caster’s weapon has touchattack spell stored within it, inflicting the spell with each strike.

- Entropic Torrent (Clr 9, Drd 9, Sor/Wiz): Deals 1d8 damage/level and destroys objects in area.

- Escape Route (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Create a path to freedom that possibly cuts off or damages pursuers. (Swift)

- Evil Twin (Sor/Wiz): Creates a hostile twin.

- Faking the Dead (Sor/Wiz): Creates illusion of your death/destruction and renders you undetectable.

- Fiendish Infestation (Sor/Wiz): Summons fiendish rot grubs inside each target’s skin.

- Fiery Bombardment (Sor/Wiz): Deals 1d8 per level points of damage, half fire and half concussion, at great distances.

- Final Reward (Clr, Drd): Sends the spirit of the target on to the afterlife.

- Fivefold Exile (Sor/Wiz): Sends up to five targets to another plane and place them in stasis temporarily.

- Forewarning (Sor/Wiz): Target gains an insight bonus equal to your caster level on two saves or to its AC or CMD vs. two attacks.

- Globe of Electricity (Sor/Wiz): Electricity surrounds caster and allows caster to shoot small bolts of lightning.

-Godsblood (Clr): Vial of holy water is enchanted with various effects.

- Gravitational Crush (Sor/Wiz): Gravity increases, possibly crushing those in the area.

- Guardian Dragon (Sor/Wiz): Creates an invisible dragon that guards you.

- Heightened Senses (Sor/Wiz): Subject gains darkvision, blindsense, keen senses, scent and +10 bonus to Perception checks.

- Hellish Appearance (Clr 9, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Caster gains gaze attack that deals 1 point of Str, Dex, and Con/3 levels.

- Id Assassin (Sor/Wiz): Waking nightmare confuses, deals wisdom damage and deals nonlethal damage to one living creature.

- Inside Out (Sor/Wiz): Turn targets inside out, causing 1d6 points of damage per caster level, frightening creatures within 30 feet.

- Iron Maiden (Sor/Wiz): Armor impales the target inside.

- Khan’s Command (Sor/Wiz): Forces creature to come to your location.

- Magnetic Wall (Sor/Wiz): Creates a wall of iron that is also magnetic, pulling metal objects toward it.

- Manacles of Suppression (Sor/Wiz): Target is grappled by unbreakable chains of antimagic.

- Mark of Insight, Greater (Sor/Wiz): Subject has +5 to one chosen saving throw plus other power.

- Mark of Secrets, Greater (Sor/Wiz): Subject has +5 to one chosen skill plus other power.

- Massive Devastation (Sor/Wiz): All within 10-foot/level radius suffer 1d6 points of acid, fire, electrical, and sonic damage/level, plus special effects.

- Meteorite (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): You drop a piece of celestial matter on a foe dealing 1d6/level to the foe and half that to all others in the area.

- Minions of Death (Sor/Wiz): Slay many creatures and animate them as undead warriors and servants.

- Mirrored Oracle (Clr, Sor/Wiz): The touched creature receives an insight bonus that he can apply in nearly any manner he wants.

- Mists of Ecstasy (Clr): All creatures within these mists helplessly revel in pleasure.

- Nature’s Cocoon (Drd): Target is imprisoned forever in a location, or dead subject is reincarnated and teleported.

- Perilous Weapons (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Target’s manufactured or natural weapons gain the perilous weapon special quality.

- Phantasmal Demilich (Sor/Wiz): Fearsome illusion renders the subject helpless or deals 7d6 damage.

- Phantasmal Roper (Sor/Wiz): Fearsome illusion drains 6d6 Strength or deals 7d6 damage.

- Phantasmal Shoggoth (Sor/Wiz): Fearsome illusion confuses you, deals wisdom damage, lashes you, constricts you, engulfs you or deals 7d6 damage.

- Phase Explosion (Sor/Wiz): Passes through non-living matter, dealing 1d6 points of damage per level.

- Pocket Arborea (Drd): Extradimensional paradise provides secure haven, food, and water.

- Power Word Pain (Sor/Wiz): Causes a creature to collapse and writhe with pain.

- Power Word Rage (Sor/Wiz): All affected creatures immediately fly into a murderous frenzy.

- Prismatic Chain (Sor/Wiz): Target suffers from all colors of a prismatic spray, and nearby targets are struck as per a prismatic spray.

- Prismatic Weapon (Sor/Wiz): You take down a prismatic wall or prismatic sphere and create a weapon that hits with all the effects of a prismatic spray.

- Prison of Stone (Clr, Drd, Sor/Wiz): Grasping hands of stone grapple and imprison creatures.

- Prophesy (Clr, Sor/Wiz): Catch images of the future

- Psychic Blast (Sor/Wiz): Creatures in cone suffer 1d6 points of damage/caster level and 1d4 points of Wisdom and Intelligence damage.

- Pure Sight (Sor/Wiz): Duplicates several lesser divinations, allowing caster to switch as a free action.

-Racial Ward (Sor/Wiz): Puts all creatures other than specified type into stasis.

- Ravage Abilities (Clr): You deal 1d6 points of ability damage to all the subject’s ability scores.

Part 2 in the product discussion.

A nice addition to the series

****( )

101 8th level Spells by Rite Publishing

This product is 34 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

Spell Lists (3 pages)
This section list the spells by class list.
Cleric – 31
Druid – 24
Wizard/Sorcerer - 84
Abjuration – 10
Conjuration – 10
Divination – 8
Enchantment – 8
Evocation – 11
Illusion – 9
Necromancy – 13
Transmutation – 15

Spell Descriptions (26 pages)
This is the bulk of the book. There is far to many spells to make a complete list so I will just put up a few example spells and comments.
Baleful Object – Lets you put a curse on a object that stays until someone touches the object and then they are hit by the curse just as if you had cast it on them.
Bastion of Pure Magic – Store a spell energy in a gem. When the gem is activated creates a zone of pure magic that over comes all anti-magic fields and the like for the duration of the spell.
Blackbust – A spell that does cold and negative energy dmg, also causes sicken.
Chaos Unleashed – you make a area tainted with chaos. Any spell or spell like abilities must roll on a chart and apply the results. Love the concept of this spell.
Charm Contagion – works like charm monster except anyone the target greets after the spell is cast will tell others how great you are. They in turn then must make a save or be effected by the spell. Love the idea of the spell, but a little concern about how far reaching it could be.
Curse of Undeath – cast on a living target. When they die they will come back as a undead.
Curse of Generations – Puts any lower level curse on the target and any offspring of the same gender. So if cast on a man he would be effected, his sons, grandsons, great grandsons etc The curse keeps going until removed.
Entropic Torrent – Causes things around you to rapidly decay. Living things take damage while objects take hardness dmg.
Fake the Dead – If a attack would result in your death, instead if triggers this spell. You become invis and more, while a greater shadow illusion of you takes your place and dies as would have happened. Love the spell but I would have done it a bit different but that is more taste than anything wrong.
Forewarning – Neat idea, a creature effected gains warning about something bad coming just before it happens and can use a bonus to AC, CMD or save. The only problem is the spell doesn't say what the bonus is, only that it can no exceed a certain number.
Manacles of Suppression – Creates magical chains that act as a anti-magic field on the target and can be used to grapple and pin the target.
Minions of Death – Slays a certain HD number of creatures, lowest HD first. Those slain by the spell raise as zombies the following turn. As animate dead.
Ride the Lightning – More or less cast Lightning Bolt, except you ride it to where it ends.
Rob the Reaper – Instead of being killed your soul goes to another place. At the end of the duration or when you choose your return to where you died back in your body at 0 hp and other stuff. Regardless of what happened to your body while you was away.
Venerable Aging – The target on a failed saved ages to the venerable age for their race and all stat mods are applied as if they had aged naturally. Love the spell... but I don't like the increase in mental stats as that makes no sense they get smarter just for getting older with out the life experiences. I think the spell should only effect the physical stats.

It ends with a OGL and 2 pages of ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The layout and editing where good, the art was good. It is a very nice looking book like you have come to expect from Rite Publishing. I listed some of my favorite spells from the product above. Yet it wasn't all good. As I mentioned above in a couple of examples. There was more spells this time I felt where meh than previous version. I will admit I find it much harder to judge balance in these spells. I check them again Pathfinder spells but at this level it is hard to judge. While there is more spells I was meh about, the ones that where good where very good. So if you have liked the previous ones in the series I recommend picking this up or if you are looking for high level spells. So whats my rating? I am giving this one a 4 star, I liked it and what was good was very good but there was more meh in it to for me.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus. Gift Certificates
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