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Dwarf King's Hold: Dead Rising

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In the dwindling glow of the dying fire's light, all that can be seen are the huddled forms of the gathered Dwarf warriors. Veterans of countless battles and bearers of numberless scars, they fear nothing, but have lost much. Half their ancestral home is overrun with an army of the living dead, its holy temples desecrated, its sacred tombs defiled. Many of their kin have already been slain or worse. Many more will die before they are victorious. But there is no other way: this is a matter of honor. Tomorrow they will once again don their battle gear and venture forth to fight the foul minions of the Necromancer who soil the noble halls of the Dwarf King's Hold.

Dwarf King's Hold: Dead Rising is a two-player game where one player takes the part of the devious Necromancer, Mortibris, and the other player controls the stalwart Dwarfs who oppose him. The game is set in the echoing tunnels of an ancient Dwarf Hold whose generations of ancestral tombs attract the Undead as much as they inspire the Dwarf defenders.

There are six scenarios to choose from, and each uses the tiles provided with the game to make a different board. In each scenario you control a number of models representing your warriors or minions, which you move across the board and use to fight your opponent's models to achieve the scenario's objective. Different scenarios have different ways of winning, so you will need all your skill and cunning to adapt your tactics to each new challenge.

Dwarf King's Hold: Dead Rising features over 25 highly detailed figures, including seven Dwarf warriors, 22 skeletons, skeletal and Dwarfen dogs, piles of bones, and more!

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