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Story Dice for Medieval Roleplaying Games PDF

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No matter what medieval or fantasy RPG you play, this set of 23 paper dice should give you inspiration when you need it. These dice are designed to take the place of random tables for generating weather, terrain, NPC attitudes, hit locations, travel encounters, treasure and more.

At the heart of this set is the Event Die, and the idea is very simple. Any time a character takes an action, just roll this die along with your regular dice (or whatever method you use to resolve tasks in your game). The Event Die provides a simple term that may be applied to nearly any activity, and you can use this to help your description of the outcome. For example, if a character is trying to sneak past the gate guards and fails, the Event Die might indicate that the outcome was influenced by "Time." The GM can interpret this in lots of different ways, one of which might be that the guards are in the middle of a shift change. Instead of the usual two guards watching the gate, there are four of them!

These dice won't change the way you play, except to make it faster and easier to come up with interesting descriptions on the fly. They won't overload you with information or draw attention away from the story. They're designed to give you just enough information to nudge your creativity and keep things varied and lively in your roleplaying sessions.

CREATE YOUR OWN DICE: This Story Dice pack includes a full set of text-free JPG files that you can open with your own graphics software, so you can customize the dice any way you like. You'll also find a full set of JPGs with the original text and symbols, so you can print out only the dice you want. If you're a homebrew game designer, the blank dice should open up lots of possibilities and provide you with prepared graphics so you can start testing out your ideas right away.

DIMENSIONS: Each six-sided die is about 0.7" x 0.7" x 0.7".

CONTENTS: This Story Dice set comes with a PDF with the printable dice, assembly instructions, and advice on choosing paper and glue. To create these dice, all you need are 3 sheets of cardstock to print on (110 lb. or 199gsm recommended), scissors, a hobby knife and ordinary glue. They're easy to assemble and a lot sturdier than you might imagine! (If you're worried about paper dice being too light to roll properly, you can fill them about three-quarters of the way with unpopped popcorn kernels or other dry grains. They'll roll just fine, and make a fantastic sound when shaken!)

Here's a complete list of the Story Dice in this set:

  • Arctic Terrain Die
  • Arctic Weather Die
  • Arid Terrain Die
  • Arid Weather Die
  • Event Die
  • Hit Location Die
  • Hit Location Die (Head)
  • Hit Location Die (Arm)
  • Hit Location Die (Body)
  • Hit Location Die (Leg)
  • NPC Disposition Die
  • Maritime Terrain Die
  • Maritime Weather Die
  • Mountainous Terrain Die
  • Mountainous Weather Die
  • River Terrain Die
  • River Weather Die
  • Temperate Terrain Die
  • Temperate Weather Die
  • Tide of Battle Die
  • Traps Die
  • Travel Die
  • Treasure Die

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