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Demon Hunter (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Fight evil with fist and spell!

As a demon hunter you fight the infernal creatures that infest the mortal world: aberrations, fey, goblinoids, incorporeal spirits and outsiders! You choose from 6 different demon-hunting techniques to defeat these creatures such as the way of Infernal Curses; this tradition is infamous for its use of curses and infernal allies, defeating evil with evil.

This 16-page PDF brings the Demon Hunter class straight from the Lands of the Jade Oath to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. A new base class, the demon hunter is focused against the forces from beyond that would disrupt the glorious harmony of the mortal world. With new abilities, new spells and a full-color layout, the demon hunter can take your game to the next level.

Author: Frank Carr
Conversion: Timothy Wallace
Cheesecake Cover Art by Giordano Pranzoni
Pages: 16 (21)

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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A option in place of a paladin

****( )

Demon Hunter by Rite Publishing

This product is 21 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

This product is a one of the classes from the Jade Oath book for Arcane Evolved updated to Pathfinder Rules.

Demon Hunter
d10, 2 skills, full BaB, all weapons, all armor, no shields. They are a limited spell caster along the same lines as a Paladin, up to 4th level spells. The gain a host of abilities.
Demon Hunter Technic – a fighting technic that improves as they level up, a choice of a few.
Know thy Enemy – works like favored enemy of rangers.
Sense Infernal – Can detect infernals as spell at will.
Presence of Will – Adds Chr mod to Will Saves.
Demon Skin – Blunt dmg becomes subdual.
Recognize Infernal Handiwork – Can roll to see if a object was created by something infernal.
Horrific Resolve – Immune to Fear
Hellish Endurance – Can ignore damage taken for one round a few times a day.
Light Regeneration – regens subdual dmg faster.
Infernal Tracking – reduces tracking time of infernals.
Craft Infernal Bindings – can craft items to imprison infernals in.
Infernal Hunter – improved infernal tracking
Master Hunter – improved infernal hunter
Redeem the Enemy – with a ritual can temporary give a infernal a celestial template and they will act accordingly.

There spell list seems to be a bit of a mix between ranger and paladin as a rough idea. There is also 4 new spells. Detect Infernals, Magic Circle against Infernals, Protection from Infernals, all of these work like similar spells. The last new spell is Sword of the Heavens. This turns any weapon into a magic infernal bane weapon for awhile.

It ends with a OLG and 2 ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. I like the class, it is a bit of a Paladin, Ranger vibe. Which the new Inquisitor from the APG also is, so it shares a little with that class in general concept. I like the class it is different enough that it stands on it's own and it fits the Asian fluff it is modeled after. The artwork is good to very good in the book. For the most part the editing, layout etc was good. I did notice a few errors like a spelling error where it first talks about spells, hunter is spelled hutner. But there wasn't many such errors, just more than one normally see's in a Rite Publishing book. It would with a little tweaking work in a western style adaption of the class, to offer another option to the paladin. So whats my rating? Well I am giving it a 4, while it is a very pretty book with top notch art, I think the class could have used a little more abilities outside of tracking and there was more spelling errors than normal. Gift Certificates
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