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Krazy Kragnar's Black Market Magic Items (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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The goblin known as Krazy Kragnar has a long and colorful history, not all of which has yet to be chronicled. Always quick to make a deal, take a risk, and turn a profit, Kragnar first came to prominence when he began a line of used-chariots yards (the merchandise for which is detailed in The Genius Guide to Loot 4 Less Volume 7: Krazy Kragnar’s Used Chariots). When that operation was shut down by angry dwarves, he turned to a new business plan with Krazy Kragnar’s Surplus Alchemy Shop. Buying post-dated alchemist’s fire and remaindered thunderstones turned out to be savvy trade, and soon Kragnar was dealing in fully legitimate alchemical materials, boosted in part by a sudden influx of alchemists throughout the world. Kragnar set up a large shop and bought a house in the Silk District of the city of Refuge.

In return for going entirely legit, Kragnar got to watch the town guard do nothing as his Alchemy Shop went up in green flames after a patron carelessly tossed a still hot tindertwig into the half-off bin. The guard claimed the prismatic smoke pouring out of the windows was too dangerous to risk getting a bucket brigade near the flaming shop. Kragnar strongly suspected the human guard simply didn’t like seeing a goblin make more money in a week than a guard earned in a year. When the flames, peals of thunder, and random bursts of lightning and acid rain finally subsided around Kragnar’s shop, the goblin was bankrupt and no longer welcome in the homes of wealthier patrons.

It was, thought Kragnar, a sign.

Turning to some old friends who didn't care about his current circumstances, Kragnar quickly began building a new financial empire. This one paid more attention to high profitability and customer demand, and less to the rules of tariffs, taxes, recorded transactions, and craft-guild rules. In short, Kragnar joined a Goblin Market and started selling black market magic items. And in a matter of months, the canny goblin was once more rolling in coin...

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Product Reviews (3)

Average product rating:

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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Kragnar...You So Krazy


Ok, I picked this up during the last weekend of the 52% sale, as I love me some Kragnar, and I have to admit, as much as I understand why Kragnar has not been fully fleshed out and detailed in a tome yet, I was disappointed to once again not find stats for him.

That said, I was very happy to peruse the section detailing the "goblin" markets of the lands, the detailed settlement modifiers for designing a fleshed out market in any size community, the reminders as to why some merchants have walls as opposed to burlap surrounding their product.

The new items presented within this guide range from exceptional to meh, with at least one notable trip down the bam-chiky-wah-wah path...I would go into them, but I feel the other two reviews covered this quite well enough there's no need for me to waste space rehashing. Instead I would like to touch on the few that truly caught my eye, and earned their way into my toolbox of goodies:
-Rod of Agony - long have I been a fan of a simple torture device, as far to often in a game it is the simple thing that brings a player to his knees. This rod, in the hands of a corrupt watchmen, or even the captain of the guard himself...I could see a playgroup learning to respect a town's body of law. (can you tell I have a hard time getting my playgroup to respect the local law in small towns? lol)
-Altar of Adjustment - Ok, I'm just going to say it, I love this item...the whole visual of the helpless hostage being interrogated by the "villain" of the story whilst our band of heroic adventurers risk life and limb to try and get there before our story's hostage has tuned ally...brilliant..this will be one of those items that sees a lot of usage within my campaign world, and will plague my group for many sessions before they even begin to get a clue(muahaha).

Which brings me to the Tantric Ring...ok, am willing to give credit, it's a cool design, and it does stick in the mind. The problem I see with it, have rarely seen a playgroup that is actually mature enough to accept the fact that sex happens, so I doubt I would ever be able to actually use it in a game. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea, heck hand them around a local brothel and wait for havoc to ensue, but I fear that it is to much of a gimmick item, in that what sells the ring as cool is the fact that it requires sex to be recharged, not that the item itself is cool enough to want without that fact.

Ok, not wanting to rehash, I'll simplify, the artwork ranged from good to meh, none of it really ever bad, just a few pieces that were meh. Both B&W and color mixed throughout, mostly B&W. There was one huge editing mishap, the Tincture of Prisms was listed twice...methinks perhaps the editor was imbibing from the tincture that afternoon. Cover/Intro & OGL took up 1 1/2 pages as we all know the SGG loves their partial page covers. Fluff ate up another 3 1/2 pages, leaving 10 pages for new material items (sans artwork). Overall, the PDF was a solid addition to my library, as it would be for yours as well.

I had every intention of giving this PDF a 4 star review, as my review had been written before ever looking at the comments on the product page. Seeing that Owen did acknowledge the editing error, and essentially gave us a "web enhancement" to make up for it, I'm willing to overlook and give 5 stars.

Cool black market items with minor formal glitches

****( )

This pdf is 15 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial & SRD, leaving 13 1/3 pages of content, so let's pay a visit to our friendly goblin entrepreneur's third shop, shall we?

In contrast to most SGG-pdfs, we actually get some pages of (generic, yet aptly-written fluff) on the nature of "Goblin" markets, i.e. black markets where you can buy magic items that are illegal. The important issues of taxes for adventurers as well as legal controls of magic along expansions of the rules in the gamemaster guide make for not only a pleasant read, but cover an unfortunately often neglected part of adventuring life.

Kragnar offers us 4 new special armor qualities, all of them lending themselves to either mischief or nefarious purposes. The same holds true for the 5 weapon qualities, but unfortunately I noticed some editing glitches and two "{{$ts}"-glitches (instead of an x). We also get 2 specific weapons, the dread sacrificial knife and the executioner's sword - the latter making for a VERY cool headman's weapon.

Of course, there are also 3 new rings, one to conjure scaling shadow creatures that might very well break free - the write-up including a neat simple template for shadow creatures. The other 2 rings, though, are what really caught my attention: One enables you to get secret messages across and the other one is the tantric ring: A ring with charges and a whole spell-list. The way to recharge the ring, though, is via sex - can you see why this item is on the black market? the potential of this oft-neglected component in roelplaying games is something I'd like to hereby applaud from the bottom of my heart!
Compared to these rings, the rods of pestilence and agony felt not as imaginative, but per se there's nothing wrong with them.

Finally, we get to the wondrous item section. Oh boy. An altar of adjustment is a magical torture-device to coax out information from its unhappy victims. If they choose to lie, they're in for pain (and con-damage). An alternate bag of tricks as well as 4 tinctures are presented. Tinctures are potions that offer significant bonuses, but at the same time are addictive - cool, I want more! Finally, there is the rope of binding and the slave collar to tie up foes and break their will - twisted, cool and items I totally dig.

Editing and formatting are good, though not as good as I've come to expect from most SGG-files, offering some typos and formatting glitches that could have easily been spotted. Layout adheres to the 3-column standard and the artwork is ok for its purposes. The pdf has no bookmarks. I'm a bit torn on this one, to be frank. On the one hand I love the section on black markets and their rules as well as most items. On the other hand, the weapon/armor qualities and rods didn't impress me that much. While the wondrous items and rings are positively awesome, as are the specific weapons, the qualities just didn't feel that exciting.

Combined with the editing and formatting glitches, this makes it impossible for me to rate this great pdf by Owen K.C. Stephens higher than 4 stars - it comes with a healthy recommendation, though.

Endzeitgeist out.

Another nice addition


Krazy Kragnar's Blackmarket Magic Items by Super Genius Games

This product is 15 pages long. It starts with a cover and introduction. (3 ½ pages)

The introduction talks about why Kragnar is now doing blackmarket magic items and it talks about Goblin Markets which to me sounded very much like the one from Hellboy 2 movie. Including rules for finding these hidden markets.

Magical Armor (1 page)
Below is a list of armor properties that can be applied to any armor.
Alluring – armor that makes you look good when wearing it, bonus to social rolls.
Alluring, Improved – same as above only better.
Alluring, Greater – Ditto
Liberating – Lower the dex penalty with the armor, and it is “sexy armor” boob window armor, the armor covers as little as possible while magically drawing blows to what is covered by the armor, so it gives the same protection despite less armor coverage. Yes this is magic armor to explain cheese cake armor, I found it both amusing and something I could see actually existing with magic.
Vengeful – If hit and take enough damage it creates a magical charge, which can be released on a melee attack to cause extra damage.

Magic Weapons (1 ½ Pages)
Below is a list of weapon properties that can be applies to any weapon.
Blasphemous – Gives a short term minor curse to those struck by the weapon.
Blasphemous, Surge – Same as above, in addition on a critic it cast bestow curse on a target.
Random – There magic abilities change every day randomly.
Screaming – It begins to scream loudly when drawn, those hit take a penalty to rolls and on a crit the target is deafened for awhile.
Virle – Allows the user to heal themselves, brutal way to recharge the charges to self heal.

Specific Weapons (1 page)
Blood Knife – Has charges, if a caster expands a charge they can cast any spell they know and not use it up, instead using one of the weapon charges. Brutal to recharge it.
Executioner's Sword – Bastard Sword that does bonus damage in a coup-de-grace.

Magic Rings (2 pages)
Ring of Shadows – Can cast summon monster, but the monsters had a shadow template applied to them. Can lose control of the monsters summoned.
Ring of Whispers – Come in matched sets, get a bluff bonus to pass secret messages to each other. This was the first item in the book I was meh about. I would have rather it let the wears have limited telepathy or something and it sound like they are whispering to each other.
Tantric Ring – Has a list of 0-4th level spells the ring can cast. Cost 1 charge per spell level of spell cast. Nice mix of spells, that mostly deal with healing, charm, buffing the physical body etc. Can be recharged being having sex. Now there is a part in the text I think is a typo, it says the partner must be animate... I am assuming it should mean animate or living.

Magic Rods (1 page)
Rod of Agony – Can cause pain in others, those of lesser HD than the wielder can be demanded a service, if the target accepts they are under a geas to preform what they agreed to. The pain stops and they are immune the the rod for awhile, if they refuse the pain gets worse.
Rod of Pestilence – The caster can give those touched a disease.

Wondrous Items (4 pages)
Altar of Adjustment – Those helpless on the altar must make a fort save if they answer any question less than completely and helpfully honest. If they fail the save the take con dmg, if their con is reduced to 0, their alignment changes.
Bag of Tricks – If one reaches inside they find a ball, if they take the ball out and toss it away a monster pops out. Yes I thought the same think Pokemon.
Tincture of Beauty – add chr bonus for hours per use, can be addictive.
Tincture of Prisms – gains bonus to caster level to one random magic school. Can be addictive.
Tincture of Wrath – Gains the ability to rage like a barbarian of lower level, barbarians gain a additional rage power while in effect.
Rope of Binding – Works like a rope of grappling, but can also attempt to “pin” a target grappled with a very high DC to break free if it works. Basically the rope ties them up.
Slave Collar – Gains bonus to str, dex, con, evasion, darkvision and fast healing. Sounds great right? Well the next person to touch the collar after it is put on, becomes the wearers master. The wearer has a big minus to will saves and skill checks against their master and find it very hard to force themselves to remove the collar. I love this magic item.

It ends with credits and OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. I really liked this product and hope they do more follow up products. Perhaps do them by theme. For the first time I did notice a glaring editing error in one of SGG's products. Tincture of Prisms is listed twice in a row in the book. I don't know if another item was suppose to be in place of the second one or it just got double listed, either way it is there twice. The art is mostly black and white, I think this is the best art over all of any SGG product to date. While some of the art is suggestive and one one page there is even bare breasts the art fits the items near them.

The items where all well done and interesting, well all but one. There was one that I was meh about. The rest I all thought was great. Some better than others but all good. So whats my rating? Well normally I would give this a 5 but with the editing error I am giving it a 4.5 star. It doesn't hurt having the one object listed twice, but it is a error so must be rated. Gift Certificates
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