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The Dungeon Masters DVD

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This is how they roll!

Dungeons & Dragons is no mere game to Richard, Scott, and Elizabeth, the people profiled in this engrossing documentary. Against a backdrop of crumbling middle-class America, these three adults have devoted themselves to the storied game. But their baroque fantasies are at odds with their mundane real lives, and they find it increasingly difficult to gain satisfaction from the imaginary triumphs provided by D&D.

What the hit comedy feature Role Models did for live-action roleplaying game enthusiasts, The Dungeon Masters does for devoted table-top game players.

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**( )( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Surprisingly lackluster

**( )( )( )

I first saw this DVD at a music store and quickly put it on my Netflix list. The opening scene, where the characters are introduced, shows them in their element, being a DM (or GM, now). This set-up implied to me that this was going to truly be a movie about Dungeon Masters. But...well, it focuses on three very different people and not necessary on anything to do with the game. One of the characters almost wholly focuses on him trying to get a book published and his public access TV show. With the one woman they follow, it mostly focuses on her relationship problems. The last guy probably has the most scenes playing D&D, but the only drama for him is going back to Florida to see the children of his ex-girlfriend. So it kind of ended up being the not interesting stories of three people who just happen to be dungeonmasters...sometimes. If I'm going to watch a doc about Dungeonmasters, that's what I want it to be about. A good example is "Monster Camp" about LARPing. It follows different people but it's focused on LARPing. This movie isn't that focused on DMing. Gift Certificates
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