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Infinite Futures PDF

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Infinite Futures is a sci-fi RPG geared to allow you to play any sort of sci-fi genre or game. You will find that IF is a great game, fully detailed with loads of great races and classes as well as skills and feats to make any sci-fi game a joy to play.

Prologue: What’s in a name?
Well, first I should explain that first we tried about half a dozen other names for this game. Some of the names we wanted were already taken. But most of the time, the problem was, a name conjured up too specific an image, or no image at all.

While there is a great variety in fantasy, it is a single genre. Whereas science fiction has a multitude of sub-genera: post apocalyptic, modern horror, dystopian, space rangers, space opera, space exploration, and alien invasions, to name a few.

In fantasy, magic, in some form or another, is an interregnal part of the story. But when you consider science fiction, there is sci-fi which doesn’t involve supernatural forces; sci-fi which doesn’t involve androids; sci-fi which doesn’t involve space travel. While there are many elements which can be included, or have a sci-fi feel to them, no single one is actually mandatory the way magic defines the fantasy genera.

So after our last name fell through I was lying in bed one day (I was performing astronomical observations at the time, so living a nocturnal lifestyle). As I tried to ignore the sunlight and drift off to sleep, I thought about a name which could capture the feel of ‘generic sci-fi.’ Given the variety in different people’s visions of the futures, what one name could possibly capture the feeling of the infinite possible futures?

The infinite possible futures? In the RPG industry, how you abbreviate the name of your game is a non-trivial question. Acronyms are one of the most popular ways. Infinite Futures naturally becomes IF. And that is really what Sci-Fi is all about “What IF...”

So now come, explore the infinite futures with us. It all starts by asking yourself that one simple question, “What IF?”

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review.

****( )

This product, an attempt to produce an over-arching set of rules for all manner of science-fiction gaming drawing on the core concepts of the Pathfinder ruleset, opens with a bit of a rambling prologue about how the game got its name, and the usual 'What is a role-playing game' that most corebooks have - after all, any book might be the reader's first RPG.

This is an exhaustive and massive remaking of the core Pathfinder system into a science-fiction game. It provides you with a good rules toolkit, but as far as setting is concerned you will have to write your own, or adapt one written under a different ruleset. It is a good start, but needs more work - including proofreading and editing - before it will be THE science-fiction D20 game... It certainly starts spawning ideas of settings and adventures in which these rules can be used, and shows some touches of genius particularly in the way in which some iconic items and beings from SF novels and movies have been adapted. If you are ready to ask, "What IF?" this may be the ruleset you need to answer your question.

As I say, it's a huge book... so my full review is a bit too big for this system, read it on RPG Resource if you like! Gift Certificates
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