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Simplistic Character Sheet (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Wicked K Games proudly presents our second free product! This is a basic fillable two-page sheet. The boxes have multiple fillable lines where needed and scroll-over features to aide in entry.

Note: This sheet utilizes slight hue changes in the black ink for enhanced readability. Draft or economy printing is not recommended.

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Product Reviews (2)

Average product rating:

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Great and Concise


I really love this sheet. I was trying to find a short sheet with no auto calculations and this is the perfect one.
Love the layout

The PDF to keep your character files in.


The product contains a two-page character sheet with fillable fields. If you put your character information, you can save it under a new name to preserve data thus creating a record folio with all your characters.

The good things

There is no data verification. You can built crazy characters without worrying about some obscure rule not being supported.
The sheet is clean and concise.
The tabbing order (i.e. the order you go from field to field) is correct (TAB to go forward, SHIFT+TAB to go backward, SPACE to mark a checkbox).
It works under Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader.
To create permanent copies, you can print it (to PDF use PDFCreator or DoPDF).

The areas which could be improved

Support for characters with extensive list of special abilities or spells (i.e. a separate optional page with such information would be handy) - higher level characters will run out of space.
There is no data verification. Some less rules savvy GMs would probably appreciate autocalculation of bonuses. As a matter of fact, the autocalculation of bonuses could speed up character creation.
Large black backgrounds for certain headers make for waste of toner. Large bold print with no black box outline would entirely suffice.

Ideas for new products of similar type

Statblock form.
Party cheat sheet (i.e. short listing of all PCs with most important data: hitpoints, perception, stealth, saves, initiative score, space for GM notes).
Shared loot sheet (kept by players).
Chronicle sheet (for GMs to keep track of campaign events).

Overall, stellar product. I'm going to share it with my party in order to help them do the accounting.
This is editable PDF sheet many people have been asking for.

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