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A Medieval Holiday (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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Have you ever wanted to host an authentic medieval banquet? Have you ever wanted to qualify for a prestige class whose class features include Gourmand and Chug! Chug!? Well, then, A Medieval Holiday is the PDF for you.

    In this PDF's 17 printer-friendly pages, you'll find useful, amusing content, such as:
  • The real, true history of the first Thanksgiving celebrated by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
  • Advice, tips, and suggestions (yes, all three!) about how to transform your modern abode into a medieval feasting hall
  • Instructions about proper medieval feasting hall etiquette
  • Funny and informative footnotes
  • Gourmastic menu suggestions, including recipes of historic tastiness
  • A new prestige class, the trencherman

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Ahhh, the Holidays


Weighing in at 17 pages, this collection of tips, recipes, and new prestige class is an amusing addition to the holiday books for anyone's gaming collection, and possibly a few gamer widow(er)s as well.
the 17 pages include:
Cover - 1 page
Index - 1 page
Introduction - 1 page
Preparing Thy Dining Hall - 2 1/4 pages. Tips on decorating, and what types of people one would have at a medieval feast.
Preparing Thy Menu - Roughly 1 page. Here we see the suggested menu items, and when they would be served.
Instructions for the Cooke - Roughly 8 Pages. Recipes for dishes that would make up a typical representation of foods served at a medieval feast. Some of these look truly tasty, and I will be making them up, especially the Mushroom Tarts, and Spinach Tarts, and the ElderFlower Cheesecake.
Game Rules - Roughly 2 pages. The Trencherman, a new prestige class for the culinary adept, giving a handful of appropriate class features, and 4 new class features exclusive to the Trencherman prestige class.

All in all I found this collection of Holiday goodness to be just that, an amusing collection of goodness. The prestige class could easily flesh out a few NPC's who always seem to be the guy cooking when the group camps, or perhaps a player who wants to add some roleplaying depth to his character.
The artwork consists solely of the cover piece, and invokes a very old world feel. Grammatically I found no errors, punctuation all seemed good, and the format was very clean. And, the author had enough forethought to bookmark the entire thing, so very easy searching throughout.
It should be stated that several words throughout the work are spelled in "Old English" intentionally.

As the PDF delivers on not only how to go about hosting a Medieval Feast for a holiday, but what to cook, how to serve it, and who to invite (and why), as well as giving us an all new prestige class (with support of new class features), I'm giving this a 5 star rating. Gift Certificates
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