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Pathfinder Dice Set: Kingmaker

**½( )( ) (based on 4 ratings)

Our Price: $12.00

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Paizo Publishing and Q-workshop are proud to bring you the 100%-official Pathfinder: Kingmaker Adventure Path dice. These masterfully crafted dice feature silver engravings on green polyhedrons.

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Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 7 business days.

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Product Reviews (5)

Average product rating:

**½( )( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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Very Difficult to Read - Very Easy to Fix!

***( )( )

I first bought these for our Kingmaker campaign, when they were first available. They were hard to read and also tended to collect "dice lice" (tiny debris that would to stick to the silver "ink").

The solution was to simply soak the dice in alcohol, then with an old toothbrush, just brush off the silver "ink".

Finish any additional cleaning with a toothpick or craft knife, some un-removed plastic may also be found now and easily removed.

Your now olive-drab dice can be used as is or filled in with a polymer clay and baked for a few minutes!

I did one set a pearly white and another a lime green, both VERY easy to read now and MUCH better looking!

2-Stars for the original dice and 4-Stars for the "re-inked" dice!

Now I wonder if this can be done with their other dice sets?


**( )( )( )

The biggest disappointment in the Pathfinder dice series (made worse by the long wait for them). I like the shade of green used for the die, but the silver is flat making the numbers hard to read. The leaf patterns are excellent and evocative of the AP, but they make the numbers even more difficult to pick out. This set might have worked if the same bright silver from the Second Darkness set had been used. As is, they are too difficult to read and were placed in my "retired" collection a mere week after I bought them.

Not functional, but nice looking

**( )( )( )

I bought these to use with my Kingmaker campaign. A very beatiful set of dice. Just one problem, you can't read them. If you want to slow down your game to lift each roll and examine it closely (to simply read the number(s)) - then by all means - this product is for you.

Pleasant, in the right light.

***( )( )

I received my set of these in time for my most recent gaming session. I have to say they are quite beautiful. I like the color combo and the flowing script that the silver helps bring out in the etching.

Now for the not so awesome. The picture there makes these dice rather easy to read, that must have been taken under some high power lighting, or a flash (or both). My session started when we still had some sun shining in the widow. And while that additional light was present I was commended on my excellent choice of pretty dice for this week. Problem is as the sun dropped below the horizon and we were forced to use conventional lighting (My game room has only one light in the ceiling, that uses two lower wattage bulbs.) they became rather difficult to read. My rating would be 4 would it not be for the fact that they became annoying enough to read that I grab a clearer pair. For those of you with super blinding light these would be perfect. For those of you with lower wattage lighting like myself and my group, well get ready to squint and reach across the table to read the numbers.

When will these be released?

I've been waiting a year; did these go from pre-order to non-existant?

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