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Miniature Wargames Magazine #342

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Colours Show Guide MW's long association with Newbury & Reading Wargames Society continues this year with the magazine again producing the official show guide for Colours in September. Published in advance of the event, Issue 342 features the show guide in full with traders, games and other listings buy now to plan your visit in advance and save time on the day!

Cover Story: Jim Webster presents a scenario in which Antigonid forces have to fight their way through the mountain fastness of the Cossaeans.

Show Report Nigel Pell and Gary Mitchell report from Battlegroup South, one of the highlights of southern England's show calendar.

The High Ground Steve Eardley presents some tongue in cheek money saving advice and reviews the latest rules and figures.

ACW Derek Coleman concludes his series on wargaming some of the lesser known early actions of the American Civil War with a look at Scary Creek.

First World War Pitting small German and British units against each other in mobile warfare, the Battle of Landrecies in August 1914 makes a great wargame, says James Clark.

Modern Can a British infantry company hold a key objective against a Soviet paratroop battalion? asks Chris Jarvis in this World War III scenario.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Gary Mitchell takes a philosophical look at the hobby and weighs up the latest products for the sci-fant gamer.

Plus Plus Book Reviews and the nostalgic feature From The Archive.

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