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Horse and Musket: War of the Spanish Succession Troops (36)

List Price: $21.95

Our Price: $19.76

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This remarkable box set allows you to build a 36-man unit for the War of the Spanish Succession - the Marlburian Age.

Featuring an incredible number of options, each box set can be used to build literally dozens of armies and troop types from this 18th Century conflict or as Imagi-Nations in your own Alternate History!

The set has been designed to be a well-balanced mix of quick-to-assemble march attack pose figures and customizable command figures.

2/3 of the set (24 figures) are single piece bodies including arms that only require a head to be attached.

The other 12 figures can be built using a set of legs and four unique torsos.

The torso include two officer sashes, one regular trooper, and one reversed chest strap to build a drummer.

You can also use these parts to build: skirmishing grenadiers, firing poses, standard bearers, drummers, and pikemen. Or build 12 additional marching poses!

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