Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood—Mosquitofolk (PFRPG) PDF

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There’s no such thing as too many monsters! Here Be Monsters brings new monsters and everything you need in order to use them right now in your campaign.

    In this book, you’ll discover…
  • 9 new monsters—different varieties of mosquitofolk and related creatures.
  • The complete ecology of the mosquitofolk.
  • A mosquitofolk lair with detailed color map.
  • 3 different mini-adventures of varying levels.
  • And tons of hooks!

The mosquitofolk want nothing more than your blood—all of it. And they’ll stop at nothing to get it. Some of the creepiest monsters ever imagined, they are fully fleshed out and ready to spring on unsuspecting characters everywhere.

Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood is a perfect monster resource for game masters wanting new monsters for their world or for players wanting to learn about and prepare for the world of their characters. This 22-page, high-quality, full-color, web-optimized pdf is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and contains everything you need to utilize mosquitofolk in your game right now.

Design by Hal Maclean and Scott Gable; Illustration by Ashton Sperry; Cartography by Ted Reed and Liz Courts; Editing by Troy Taylor and Scott Gable.

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****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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Excellent monstrous humanoids to creep you out

****( )

This pdf is 22 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page, 1/3 of a page editorial/ToC, 1/2 page SRD, leaving 20 1/6 pages of content, so let's dive in!

Apart from the fluffy and crunchy content, we get 1 full-color cover-like world map page, 1 regular world map page and 1 beautiful full color encounter map page.

The pdf kicks off with approximately 2 pages of introduction to the new critters, which just plainly ROCKS. I just can't describe it any other way, the writing is evocative, supremely cool and made the jaded bastard of a reviewer, yours truly, immediately want o implement the Mosquitofolk. Now, that's quite a feat! After that, we get extensive statblocks of the different kinds of Mosquitofolk:

After being introduced to two varieties of common mosquitoes, we get a plethora of stats for Mosquitofolk for low-CRs till the upper echelon of mid-levels, providing a multitude of possibilities to torture your PCs with an extremely disturbing new kind of adversary.

-Mosquito, Giant (CR 1)
-Mosquito Swarm ( CR 2)
-Mosquitofolk, Hollow (CR 2): Undead Mosqutofolk
-Mosquitofolk, Blood Jumper (CR 4): Rank and file hunters
-Mosquitofolk, Secret Sting (CR 6): Agents and poison-using killers
-Mosquitofolk, Blood Blade (CR 7): Fighter-champions
-Mosquitofolk, Cage Glider (CR 8): Huge terrible mutations that catch enemies
-Mosquitofolk, Swarm Spewer (CR 9): Swarm-vomiting elite-mosquitofolk
-Mosquitofolk, Woundmage (CR 10): The casting, bloodmagic-using apex of Mosquitofolk society

we also get 5 new items common/alchemical items against Mosquitofolk.

After that, we get a beautiful full color map and 3 scenarios for the map, featuring different premises for the camp presented, including texts for the respective areas. Thankfully, we also get a version of the map without the map key and annoying letters. We also get a full color version of the world map and another full color page of another world map that is ripped asunder by a kind of rip.

Editing is top-notch, I didn't notice any mistakes. Layout adheres to the horizontal three-column standard and is beautiful. In contrast to other ZSP-titles, the file is (relatively) printer-friendly, although there is, as of yet, no b/w-version. The pdf is also extensively bookmarked.
Then, there's the writing. Once in a while, when reading a monster book, you encounter a critter that just blows you out of the water, that is just so disturbing and cool that you practically HAVE to implement them into your games. A critter so iconic you won't forget them in quite a while and just continue to use them or even base a campaign around them. Mosquitofolk are such creatures - supremely disturbing and cool, these blood-addicts that brought their own civilization down via magical engineering of their young just rocks HARD and made me reminiscent of the wonderfully detailed "monstrous arcana"-series of the 2nd edition days of old, to be more precise, of the wonderful books on Sahaugin and Illithids. However, there is one aspect that marrs an otherwise perfect pdf - the artwork. It's comic-style. And not creepy or on par with the other ZSP-artworks. That being said, this is still not enough to pull down an otherwise stellar book - be sure to check it out, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. My final verdict is 4.5 stars.

An RPG Resource Review


'There's no such thing as too many monsters' states the introduction, and when they come as well-presented as this one, it's hard to argue with that. Launching a series of monster books, this product looks at the mosquitofolk - who apparently would be quite nice if they didn't have this unquenchable thirst for blood. In the past, they had a burgeoning civilisation but this now lies in ruins as all they can think about is satisfying their addiction. It's not clear how they came to such a state, but it appears to be through the manipulations of their own leadership caste, the woundmages.

Reading on, we learn of their appearance and lifecycle, and the way in which their society is organised. Nowadays it is focussed solely on acquiring blood and controlling slaves - whose main purpose is to provide a blood supply rather than labour or other services. Even their language, once rich with poetry and literature, has degenerated to little more than communication on the capture of living targets.

Next come stat blocks on actual mosquitoes - giant ones, of course, and the feared swarm. One is a pest, but a whole swarm of them? These may be encountered as pets of the mosquitofolk or just as regular inhabitants of, well, the sort of places likes swamps and jungles in which you would expect to find mosquitoes. Finally, the dread mosquitofolk themselves appear. They are roughly humanoid in shape, but more like a giant upright mosquito with an insect head and wings, and that annoying buzz only louder. There's also the undead variant, the hollow, which is created deliberately by the woundmages from fallen mosquitofolk - cursed still with a desire for blood but unable to use what it collects. Most go mad. Being insects, there are also several varieties of mosquitofolk, specialised for different tasks, all honed to perfection to gather blood in their own way. Each, naturally, comes with its own special abilities and notes on their behaviour in combat.

Next comes encounter information - typical raiding parties you might be unlucky enough to meet in the jungle, as well as the gathered wisdom of how best to defend against them. Natives have developed several herbal concoctions, most of which work by making your blood unpalatable to the mosquitofolk. There's also a mini-adventure - set-up and encounter - which you can use when the characters stray into suitable territory in their travels. This includes a fully-detailed mosquitofolk lair, complete with map. Rather cleverly, three scenarios - depending on the level of the party - are provided, enabling you to pick the most suitable one when the opportunity arises. The book ends with an unlabelled player map of the lair and a world map.

This is an excellent example of how to present a new monster - replete with background detail that enables you to embed them into your campaign world, and with a detailed lair designed to accommodate adventure at several levels depending on the strength of the party you have at the time.

Here Be Monsters:Aching for Blood

****( )

Well worth 5 bucks. Chocked full of Creepy Monster goodness. Can't wait to drop my players into this one.