101 Magical Weapon Properties (PFRPG)

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Think you have enough magical weapons to choose from? Think again! 101 Magical Weapon Properties gives you—yes, you guessed it—101 Magical Weapon Properties that will help you realize the vision you've had for your character's weapon.

From the ability to chose energy types or sworn enemies to properties that have unique critical burst effects, along with new spell effects, and protect your allies, 101 Magical Weapon Properties brings a host of new special abilities to your character's weapon.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 101 Magical Weapon Properties adds new agonizing choices to the creation of your character's weapons and their advancement without breaking the game.

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****( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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4.5/5 short term, 4/5 long term

****( )

This supplement clocks in at 25 pages, including 20 pages of content. Right at the beginning, we get a big chart of weapon properties for those who like to generate magic items randomly. This chart also functions as a table of contents. Afterwards, we get the full descriptions of all 101 weapon properties.
24 of the weapon properties have fixed cost increases: they increase the weapon cost by a set amount regardless of how many other enchancements it has. On the cheap end, adding only 400 gold pieces to the cost, is the Gripping Weapon, which gives a +2 to CMD against disarming. On the expensive end, at a whopping +42000 gold pieces, is the Revitalizing Weapon. It is…underwhelming. It is a limited use ability which allows you to heal for each successful hit. And not very much, either.
There is also the Friend weapon, a class of weapon restrictions which limit who can use the abilities of a weapon, and reduce its price by either 10% or 30%.
The remaining weapons all have plus-equivalent cost modifiers. At the low end, we have +1 abilities like Hexing, which applies various penalties to those struck by it, and Hindering, which can disable its target’s natural weapons. There’s the Interfering weapon, which forces casters to make concentration checks as if its damage had been continuous.
Most weapon properties are cheaper: there are only six +4 weapon properties and one +5. The +4 properties include the Spellstealing Weapon, which can dispel active buffs on its target and transfer their effects to the wielder.
The single +5 weapon ability is the Perilous weapon. On a critical, it allows the wielder to repeatedly roll to ‘confirm’ the critical until you fail (-5 penalty on each successive roll), with each additional confirmation adding more damage. It isn’t as deadly as the same-price Vorpal, but it can be used on more weapon types, is compatible with weapons with wider critical threat ranges, and can still damage creatures immune to Vorpal’s effect. It’s still underwhelming for a +5, but it’s not bad if damage output is what you want in a magic weapon.
The supplement has full-color illustrations of weapons spread throughout.
Short Term Use: The clean organization and random chart/ToC makes it easy to drop some of these items into your campaign with very little preparation. The editing is unfortunately not up to Rite Publishing’s usual standard. You can mostly still use it without trouble, though, making for a short term rating of 4.5/5.
Long Term Use: The emphasis on low-cost weapon properties makes it easy to combine them in unique combinations. Some of the weapon properties have very interesting effects, but others don’t. It’s a mixed bag, but for such a low price, you’ll probably still find enough to get your money’s worth. 4/5.

101 nice Weapon Qualities

****( )

This pdf is 25 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, 2 pages of advertisements, leaving 20 pages of content.
The pdf begins with an old-school table of the weapon qualities for use with your trusty d%.
After that, we get the qualities:

-Adaptable: Can be used with weapon-specific feats
-Afflicting: Crit = Bestow Affliction, DC scales
-Ambush: Self-explanatory
-Anchoring: Deny Teleport
-Awoved Death: Vow to slay an enemy
-Bane Burst: Even more damage against banes
-Bane, lesser: Minor bonus against bane
-Blastback: Bullrush hit enemies
-Blood bonded: Bound to a bloodline
-Boomeranging: Hit the enemy from behind with your returning weapon
-Breaker: Item-destroyer
-Burst,Chosen: Works like Burst for chosen enrgy type
-Bushwhacking: Attack from hiding
-Ceremonial: 4 abilities in one, choose at the beginning of an encounter
-Clinging: Magical net enchantment
-Contemplative: Add Wis-mod to attack a number of times per day
-Consecrated: Extra-strong on holy ground
-Counteracting: Better CMD
-Counterstrike: Riposte after a missed attack by an opponent
-Crippling: Crits do Str-damage
-Dark: negative energy damage
-Deflecting: CMD to deflect rays
-Dessicated: Kill Oozes, Water, etc., can destroy liquids
-Dislocating: Teleport attack
-Disorienting: Penalize hit enemies
-Disorienting Burst: Burst of above, more penalties
-Dispelling: Guess what?
-Dispelling Burst: Guess what? in Burst form. Jep, I'm Captain Obvious.
-Equalizing: Negative levels for stronger opponents
-Energy, Chosen: Change energy-type via standard action
-Energy Ray: 1/day blast a foe, scales with your level
-Energy, Seething: Upgraded Version of a normal energy weapon.
-Enhancing: enhances the DC of one of your abilities
-Fast Bracing: Set against charge as immediate action
-Fast Returning: Make full-round attacks with your returning weapon
-Featherlight: Weapon can be used as one category lighter
-Fiendfang: Chose energy and ability damage - this weapon does both, plus bonus to deals with evil outsiders
-Force: Adds [Force]-descriptor to attacks, additional damage, hard to break
-Fortunate: Reroll an attack 3/day (typo here)
-Friend: Weapon is better for a specific race, skill-set etc.
-Foesight: Identify most powerful foe in 60 ft.
-Girded: Hard to break
-Gripping: Better against disarm
-Good Fortune: Use stored luck bonuses. Unfortunately doesn't mention how to recharge them
-Guided: negate 20% miss chance
-Hardened: Harder weapon.
-Heartseeking: Iconic e.g. vampire-slaying weapon
-Hexing: Penalize hit enemies
-Hexing Burst: More penalties, Hexburst
-Hindering: Potentially cancel out an ability of an enemy
-Homing: Ignore cover less than total concealment
-Ill Fortune: Stores Ill-luck, can dispense it one enemies
-Infectious: Transmit diseases
-Interfering: Hamper spell-casting
-Ioun: Weapons floats around you like an Ioun stone
-Leviathan's Foe: Extra damage against bigger creatures
-Loyal: Attuned to a specific wielder
-Maiming: Instead of killing your enemy, blind, maim, etc. him/her
-Mage Tuned: Only good for 1/4BAB-chars, for them +4 luck to attacks
-Maneuverable: Second Combat maneuver with half BAB as part of a combat maneuver
-Maneuverable Burst: Bonus to CMB and higher Crit-mod
-Necrofeed: Channel necromancy via weapon
-Paired: Two weapons that help their wielders help their respective comrade
-Parrying: Negate a hit on you or an ally with chance to get hit yourself
-Perilous: Cascading Critical
-Poisonous: Poison spell, scaling DC
-Potent: More damage and higher crit-mods
-Precision: Grants Critical Focus feat
-Preferential: Rangers do more damage against favored enemies
-Preferential Burst: Big brother of the last ability
-Preserving: Do damage to undead or heal allies
-Providence: +1 on saving throws, + 1/day reroll
-Psychic Burst: Dazed on a Crit, scaling DC
-Rapid Reloading: Reload one step faster than normal, Bows and slings get an additional attack at highest BAB 5/day
-Rapid Striking: Additional strike at half BAB
-Retribution: If hit by enemies, the weapon gets better against that foe
-Revitalizing: Use enhancement bonus to heal wounds
-Selective: Choose from two rolls on a critical fumble chart/ card deck if such is used
-Serpent: Transform weapon into snake
-Shatterblast: Ranged sunder with thrown weapon
-Spell Echoing: Duplicate past spells 3/day
-Spellreaving: Unravel spells/spell-like abilities
-Slayer: Attuned to a creature, slays it.
-Smiting: Improves any kind of smite
-Spellbane: Extra damage against spellcasters
-Spellcarrier: Thrown weapon hold touchspell for a time
-Spellstealing: Dispelling weapon that can steal a spell on the enemy.
-Spell Well: Hold touchspell for a time
-Soul Stealing: Can steal the soul of slain enemies, preventing resurrection, clones and the like
-Starshine: Pathfinderized version of one of my favorite weapon qualities. :)
-Summoner's Foe: Dismiss hit summoned creatures
-Sworn: Swear to slay an opponent and gain bonuses
-Tentacle Rope: Use disarm or trip with a net like it was a whip
-Terror: Make enemies shaken, DCs scale
-Toxifying: Improves poisons on the weapon
-Transmutable: Change material of the weapon/damage type
-Twin: When within 10 ft. of another, these weapons improve.
-Voidwrought: Pathfinderized version of another one of my favorite weapon qualities.
-Weaken Resistance: Each successful hit makes SR of the creature deteriorate
-Wrathful: Works when raging, +1d8 damage
-Wrathful Burst: Big brother of the last quality

The pdf closes with 2 new spells, Bestow Affliction(Clr 4) and Teleport Attack (??? 7), the latter of which unfortunately does not say whether it is arcane or divine, though I suspect arcane.

I am dead tired of the commodity-magic-items and weapons that seem to have taken hold of so many games and this is a step in the right direction - these are qualities your PCs won't necessarily expect in a weapon and there, at least in my opinion, should be more books like this out there. The abilities never felt overpowered or useless to me. The artworks of the weapons (this is a full-color pdf, btw.!) are beautiful and while I usually don't like obviously computer-generated art, for this file, they work excellent. However, there are also some downsides to report, namely some editorial glitches, a typo in the "fortunate" weapon description as well as the missing class-descriptor in one of the spells. Additionally, while not required, I would have loved to see some IC-introduction or some more far-out abilities. While some qualities really rocked and I loved seeing an updated version of material from "When the Sky falls", I nevertheless felt that this book could have been even better. My final verdict, for what the book is and due to the fact that it comes with a 22 pages B/w printer-friendly version, will be a solid 4 stars, a good buy if you want to add some options to your magic weapons.

101 Magical Weapon Properties

****( )

First I would like to say I got the PDF free for purposes of this review.

This product is 25 pages long. 1 page for cover, 1 for credits, 1 OGL at the end and 1 page of weapon table of special abilities(which also has a random chart for rolling for creating random magic items). The other 20 pages are taken up by the 101 new magical weapon abilities descriptions and such. The art work is good with good borders making for a very pretty product, though it is not very print friendly. A B&W copy with no borders sent along with it would have been nice for printing purposes.

Since this is a product for just a 101 new magical abilities I am just going to list a few examples from the book to give you a idea what to expect.

Ambush – adds 1d6 to sneak attacks, does nothing if you don't have sneak attack. Equal to a +1 enchantment.

Blood Bonded – When someone not of the family bloodline attempts to use the weapon they take dmg equal to the equal to the weapons enhancement bonus. If the family is all dead then the next person picking it up takes 1 round of damage but can then claim it for his or her family. Minor magic bonus.

Consecrated - When used on holy ground of of it's attuned god it does + 2d6 dmg. Equal to a +1 enchantment.

Energy Ray – range 30ft, 1d6 per two character levels of the wielder, once per day.

Fortunate – 3/day you can reroll any failed attack roll. Equal to a +2 enchantment.

Serpent – When cast on the ground the weapon becomes a serpent of the same size category as the weapon with max hp. It last until the wielder makes it turn back into a weapon, it is slain or at 1 minute per enchantment bonus of the weapon.

Soul Stealing – Any creature killed by this weapon has it soul sucked up into the weapon.(the final killing blow). Those slain can not be brought back to life by any means up to a including a wish fail, nor can speak with dead contact them. Once per day the wielding can ask two questions from one slain by the weapon just as if they was under Speak with Dead.

The final page is taken up with two new spells.
Bestow Affliction – a type of curse that causes a permanent physical or mental disability. Remove curse etc can cure it.
Teleport Attack – You can teleport another into a solid object as a form of a attack.

Closing thoughts, I liked this product more than I thought I would. Many of the weapon abilities are interesting and/or clever. I think a lot of players will enjoy these and it is always nice as a GM to throw out something new and unexpected to the PC's. The PDF is 4.99, while at 10.99 you get a print copy and PDF(when the option is available which it currently is not.) I am giving this a 4 star for the price and the lack of a B&W print friendly version***. If you are looking for some new magical abilities to add to weapons this is a good pickup.

***Note - there is now a B&W no border copy as well for printing.