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Magnetic Adapter Kit Basic Set

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List Price: $17.99

Our Price: $16.19

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Add the power of the magnet to your Bendy Dungeon Walls, and make them even cooler!

These adapters are little metal magnetic feet that fit onto the bases of your dungeon walls and doors. The end result: super stability for your Bendy Dungeon Walls on any magnetically receptive surface. Works great on the Magna-Map Combat Grid, or on your regular gaming map (with a piece of sheet steel under it).

The Magnetic Adapter Kit Basic Set contains 55 adapters and 55 magnets—enough for one complete box of Bendy Dungeon Walls! The GM's Special includes 110 adapters and magnets. the Greedy GM's Special includes 165 adapters and magnets.

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**( )( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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More hassle than it may be worth

**( )( )( )

I got the plastic, pre-painted bendy dungeon walls and so far there has not been 1 smooth fitting with these magnetic adapters. Each base has had to be manhandled and deformed to fit. Clipping off one lip of the adapter seems to be far more efficient way of fitting these things, and when you have a minimum of 55 walls t're looking at a serious commitment. I've had to use a good amount of superglue affixing the magnets to the base and then securing the base to the walls. I am going to recieve the metal cave walls soon, which may be more compatible with these bases, but so far it seems they just made the bases a hair too small to fit snugly. Brilliant concept, but in my experience, missing the mark Gift Certificates
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