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#30 Rings of Defense (PFRPG) PDF

***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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Who needs one ring to rule them all when you've got 30 to chose from?

Why limit yourself to the 30 rings in your core rules, when you can double your options and pick from rings like the ring of retaliation or the ring of safeguards?

With #30 Rings of Defense, your characters can find the offense in their defense, the sacred and the deflection bonuses, the immediate response and the constant benefit. And with the supplemental mechanics we've developed, the ring your warrior found at third level will still be useful when you're picking out prestige classes!

Don't just settle for a simple ring of protection anymore, get a ring of aegis. Pick up #30 Rings of Defense and trick out your character with the kind of rings King Solomon himself would have wanted.

Author: Steven D. Russell
Cover Artist: Joe Calkins
Pages 7 (12)

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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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So much potential....

***( )( )

Ah rings, a little bling for the player who has everything. Let us take a look through this offering of thirty, and see what is available.

PDF weighs in at 12 pages including
Cover (1)
PI (1)
Random Percentage Charts (1)
Descriptions of the Rings (6)
Ads (2)
OGL (1)

Artwork is B&W, with four actual illustrations. I'm not including the ads in that count because where as they are color art, they are not part of this product. One art piece is used as both an internal piece and as the cover artwork. The four pieces range from decent (the cover image), to good (an orc sporting earrings), to OK.

Formatting is the standard dual column, with few grammatical errors that are not of a large enough nature to cause issues. Each ring is presented with a description detailing the effects of the item, as well as Cl, Aura, Slot, Price, Weight, and Construction know all the pertinent game mechanical stuff. Most of the rings give us enough visual clues within their text to have an idea what they look like. It was while reading through the visual descriptions that I noticed what I am considering the biggest problem with this PDF, a recycling of text.

Ring of Truth's Touch
This makeshift ring appears to have been made by bending a cold iron nail into a rough circle. If you touch a creature under the effect of an illusion, or in a shape other than its natural form, you dispel that effect; in combat, this requires a melee touch attack.

Ring of Exorcism
This makeshift ring appears to have been made by bending a cold iron nail into a rough circle. If you touch a creature under the effect of magic jar, or an enchantment (compulsion) effect, you dispel that effect; in combat, this requires a melee touch attack.

Same book, only 30 descriptions to write, and these two are almost identical, trust me, the similarities continue throughout their entire passages. That, I'm sorry, comes off as lazy, and non creative. I know throughout the vast array of books and material released that many items end up with similar descriptions, but in the same book? When there's only 30 items?

Most of these rings are interesting enough to find there way into a campaign, there are a few that didn't fit my personal taste, but you'll find that in every offering of game material. One thing I found slightly disappointing was that one of the pieces of art makes a point of stating that not every ring goes on a finger, and yet there are no offerings of earrings within the book, let alone any nose rings or nipple rings.
Why point it out, if you are not going to give us some specific items?

We're also informed, on the random chart page (which is a handy little guide in all reality as it breaks the rings up by whether you wish to use them as minor/medium/or major items) that the spells referenced throughout this PDF for Construction requirements are from both the AVP, and the 101 Spell Series. Luckily, there is no need to get these books to be able to use this one, as all necessary info is contained. At this point if you don't have an AVP...I'm not sure I can help you, and you should check out the 101 Spell Series, there's some pretty good material in there.

Ok, wrapping it all up. I did get a handful of useful rings out of this product. It promised 30 rings by its title, but actually delivers a lot more when you factor in the variable +'s, and the minor/medium/major concept. The art was scarce, and half of it was a close up on someone's hands. I think a few pieces more of different rings would of gone a long way towards helping the overall look of this product. The blatant shortcut taken by rehashing one rings descriptive text into another ring was just insulting. All in all I can't go above a three star for this one.

An RPG Resource Review

****( )

This magnificent book of bling dives straight in with a table listing the rings available herein, including cost and random rolls to allow them to be chosen as minor, medium or major treasure items. A side note mentions that if spells from either the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide or Rite Publishing's 101 Spells series is used in a ring's creation, enough information is supplied here so that you don't need to rush out and buy that book just so as to be able to craft the ring you want!

So, straight on then to an alphabetical listing of the rings. Each follows a standard layout that makes it easy to find the information you want, starting with what aura is discernable and the ring's CL. Other technical information includes cost to make as well as a purchase price/value, the slot it occupies in use and weight (negligable); and the other requirements - feats and spells - to make one for yourself. The body of the text describes both what the ring looks like and what it does - both as an 'in character' account of what you'll experience when its activated and in game mechanical terms.

There's quite an intriguing range of rings, mostly with powers that will come in useful during combat. Others are quite wierd - a ring of foul flavour makes your flesh taste so bad that any opponent with a bite attack really, really doesn't want to bite you twice - but at the cost of wearing a ring that looks (and smells) like it's made of rotten meat! And of course, you have get bitten once for the creature to realise just how nasty you taste. The ring of retaliation is possibly more satisfying, if anyone attacks you whilst you are wearing it, you promptly get an attack of opportunity against whoever had the temerity to hit you.

As well as being handy when you decide that there's going to be a ring in your next treasure hoard, these rings may perhaps be the talk in local arcane circles leading a character to seek to purchase or make one (or have it made for him), some might prove suitable rewards for a high-ranking cleric or noble to bestow on a worthy follower... and there's enough displayed on how they've been put together that should you have a different effect that you'd like in a ring, it ought not to be too difficult to make it so.

New magic rings

***( )( )

This pdf is 12 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 2 pages ads and 1 page SRD, leaving 7 pages of content.

The first page lists the rings in a huge table, complete with old-school 1d%-rolls and prices - a nice nod for grognards. The rings range from 400GP to 120.000 GP.

After that, we get the magical rings. Before going into details or examples, I'd like to mention a clever, elegant design decision: The problem of fixed DCs of abilities in circumvented in several of the rings abilities, by using the formula DC 10 + 1/2 HD of user + Cha-mod (or 1/2 Cha-mod). I really like this solution, as it keeps the rings interesting for a broader scope of levels and fights the trend to use Charisma as the dump-stat. The rings are presented with a fluff text, Price, Construction requirements etc.

-Ring of Adjournment: Deny attacks of opportunity
-Ring of Aegis: Deflection bonus in combat plus miss chance for ranged attacks
-Ring of Allied Protection: Deflection bonus, can be extended to allies
-Ring of Armored Charity: Two rings, bearers can transfer individual armor class bonuses
-Ring of Blood's Shield: Save you from bleeding, stabilizes you
-Ring of Condemnation: Denies effects of desecration for undead, damages undead, aberrations and outsiders
-Ring of Divine Defiance: Protection from alignment-based attacks
-Ring of Determination: Ignore detrimental conditions for a time, but can't be healed
-Ring of Evil's Embrace: Gives demonic DR
-Ring of Exorcism: Dispel Magic Jar
-Ring of Forbearance: Grants DR/magic
-Ring of Foul Flavor: Keeps biting enemies away
-Ring of Guiding Light: Know about negative conditions of a person
-Ring of Heroic Sacrifice: Ward an ally and take his/her damage
-Ring of Hidden Echoes: Hides wearer from blindsight, tremorsense etc.
-Ring of Life's Embrace: Sacred bonuses on AC and saves, minor damage to Undead at dismissal
-Ring of Life's Grace: Retry a save against a negative condition
-Ring of Preservation: Deflection Bonus
-Ring of the Protected Flanks: Cannot be flanked for a limited amount of time
-Ring of Random Reflections: Distort reality to deflect ranged attacks, spells etc. at allies/enemies a select number of times
-Ring of Retaliation: Gain an AaO if hit by a melee attack a select number of times per day
-Ring of Righteous Allies: Know the conditions of allies, grant bonus to allies in 20 ft. radius
-Ring of Safeguards: Deflection bonus, can be doubled for a short time
-Ring of Scent's bane: Thwart scent ability
-Ring of Spellguards: Absorb spells
-Ring of Spell's Spike: Cripple enemy casters
-Ring of Supernatural Shielding: Bonus against supernatural effects
-Ring of Thief-taking: Bonus against disguise and sleight of hand
-Ring of Truth's Touch: Dispel illusions
-Ring of Winter's Embrace: Deflection bonus and fire resistance.
Many of the rings have several incarnations, lesser and greater ones.


This file is exceedingly hard to rate for me, as I have unfortunately already reviewed the sequel, 30 unique magical blades. 30 rings of defense is more printer-friendly than the 30 blades, being b/w and using mostly art recycled from other RiP-products. I like that rings get some love, but I do miss unique pieces of artwork for the rings - yes, I realize, I've been spoiled by the good sequel. I didn't notice any obvious editing or formatting glitches. That being said, some of the rings I found interesting, some of them did not impress me, for me the file was hit-and-miss. Especially due to one fact: I loved the unique stories in the sequel and would have loved to see more fluff for the rings to bring them better to life in the game. That being said, I LOVE the design decision with the scaling DCs of many of the ring abilities. In any case, you get a lot of rings for a few bucks - with the lesser and greater variants and the +1 to +5 range, you actually get 99 rings. Due to the amount of content and this elegant design decision, I'll settle for a solid 3 stars - add one if you're especially into the crunchy side of magic items. Gift Certificates
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