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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dungeon Life: Bendy Town & Tavern Walls

Our Price: $49.99


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Look, it’s a tavern. I’m sure it’s completely safe.—Famous Last Words

Adventurers love the dungeon, but sooner or later they have to go back to town, and they usually end up bringing the adventure with them. Use this set to build taverns, inns, quiet musty shops, and dank, dark alleys.

The only thing cooler than Bendy Walls is Bendy Walls in more designs! Add a little more 3D cool to your game with Town & Tavern Walls! Build just the areas you need, as you need them. During play! No need for hours of extra prep time setting up the map, and the players don’t get to peek ahead. And when you’re done with an area, just pick it up to build the next encounter! The adventure never ends with Dark Platypus Bendy Walls.

Each set contains 50 wall pieces (with multiple sculpts) and 5 doors. Cast in lead-free pewter. Clean-up, painting and assembly required.

Works great with any 1” game map. Compatible with the Magnetic Adapter Kits and Magna-Maps.

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