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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dungeon Clings: Sampler Pack

****( ) (based on 3 ratings)

Our Price: $9.99


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Add terrain effects quickly and easily!

Each set is die cut, so you can simply peel the pieces and use them immediately. Also included with each set is a laminated 3-ring binder sheet with images of all the pieces to make storage and organization easy. Simply stick your Dungeon Clings to the binder sheet when you are done using them, and then store that binder sheet in a binder (where else?) with all your other Dungeon Clings for easy access and set up while you play!

Dungeon Clings are coated with the same wipe-off surface that covers the Magna-Map Combat Grid, so you can write on your map and your clings at the same time with wet- or dry-erase markers, without worrying about damaging them!

This set contains 26 premium static clings pulled from some of the other Dungeon Clings sets, including a variety of trees, boulders, rubble, pits, and stairs. Also included are a few new clings: a variety of fire traps and a campfire!

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Product Reviews (3)

Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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Good; great for the GM on the go.

****( )

I picked these up on a whim at PaizCon 2011, and I haven't regretted it once. They're basically ColorForms for your battlemat. They stick really well to the included plastic-coated backing boards, and are super easy to transport. These are a surprisingly effective way to spice up a map quickly, and work especially well with flip mats. Flat-out great for the Pathfinder Society GM toolbox or others on the go. This specific set is particularly compelling, as it comes with a very appealing selection for a great price.

Only the the art keeps this from being a five-star product. It isn't bad, but it is simple and a a bit on the cartoony side.


Simple Idea, Great Product

****( )

I bought all these dungeon cling packs about 2 years ago. They're still holding up, but I found out that I need a few more extras as my maps have gotten bigger. Think color-forms for your erasable maps. I put my maps under a sheet of plexiglass on my table and I peel and stick these clings right on top. They're handy and easy to use. They also look great. Such a great idea. I took one star off only because the packs could use a little more variety and sizes. For example, I love to use the bridge clings when I have a rope bridge over a gorge or some pit. However, I'm finding I need more than one, especially when using the standard 5' per square. Still, a great idea. A simple product that's fun and easy to use.

Lots of potential

****( )

Just got these. Haven't used them in a game yet, but played with them a little right out of the box. Great idea. They seem to stick well to the new laminated Paizo MapPacks. I'm planning on using the trees in particular to cover traps, ambushes, tunnels, etc. that I don't want players to see until the Search. I'll have to throw so decoys on there too so a tree-cling isn't an automatic give away.

Hopefully the line line will do well and they'll be able to offer more variety in the future - fires, ices, crystals, underground flora. etc. Gift Certificates
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