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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dungeon Clings: Ponds & Streams

List Price: $13.99

Our Price: $12.59

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This set contains 22 premium static clings depicting a number of stream pieces, both straight and curved, that can be set end-to-end to make an even longer stream. Also included is a large pond piece, and several rocks/stepping stones and even a couple wood bridges and some logs.

Add terrain effects quickly and easily!

Each set is die cut, so you can simply peel the pieces and use them immediately. Also included with each set is a laminated 3-ring binder sheet with images of all the pieces to make storage and organization easy. Simply stick your Dungeon Clings to the binder sheet when you are done using them, and then store that binder sheet in a binder (where else?) with all your other Dungeon Clings for easy access and set up while you play!

Dungeon Clings are coated with the same wipe-off surface that covers the Magna-Map Combat Grid, so you can write on your map and your clings at the same time with wet- or dry-erase markers, without worrying about damaging them!

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