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How to Make a Great Campaign PDF

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If you have played role-playing games for any amount of time, it is likely you have heard one of your friends proudly exclaim “Wow, what a great campaign that was!” Session after session of tense and exciting role-playing and combat create such fascinating stories that you retell them for years to come. Often times it is easy to think that these people are just lucky enough to play under a great gamemaster, which is probably somewhat true. However, there is more to it than that.

Great campaigns may be the stuff of legends, but they certainly aren't limited to great GMs. In fact, anyone can create a long-running, epic campaign. The only problem is most people don't know how to do it. Luckily, you had the foresight to look at this book. With my help, you too can learn how to craft a game that your players will talk about for years to come.

This book contains a lot of advice and recommendations, and with each comes one big caveat: Use only what you need. Not all campaigns, groups, game masters and games are created equal, and as such not all of this advice will apply to you. More importantly, you should always adhere to this one rule: you and your players' happiness comes first. If you find some of the advice in this book absurd, uninspiring or useless, then feel free to disregard it.

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