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Jonathan Roberts, cartographer for Kobold Quarterly and Adventures in the Hyborian Age, presents another Fantastic Map: The Ruined Library.

This multi-page PDF allows you to print out two different battlemaps (above- and below-ground) as a 1 square=1 inch-scale letter-format map; you can also choose printer-friendly light grayscale versions. You also get two high-resolution JPEGs of the maps with and without grids. The file also contains two Maptool campaign files set up for quick use with the 4th Edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game and its 3.5 thriving spiritual successor. (The Maptool file requires Maptool 1.3b60 or newer.)

Created as part of the Coliseum Morpheuon Patronage Project.

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Incorrect Product Description

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This is a nice map of a ruined library, a nice SINGLE level library building. If that's what you need, it's great.

The as written description has a typo, it says "two different battlemaps (above- and below-ground)" and this is not the truth. It is only the single above ground map, period.

I needed a ruined building above and below ground, and the description seemed perfect. I was sorely disappointed to buy this and have it not be what I needed.

That said, for what it is, it's a very nice product and easy to use. I've bought other maps in this line and found them to be wonderfully detailed, colorful, and just a great break from the battlemat for everybody.

Artmarks sorry about that I think its a copy paste error from another prodcut, let me see what I can do for you if you. ASAP.

Sovereign Court

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Description still says "two levels"; was this issue ever resolved? Thanks.

no its still a single level, Jonathan Roberts ended up doing work on George R. R. Martain's Lands of Ice and Fire poster maps so he was not available to do a second level, I will get the product description updated on monday when Liz is back. .

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