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Mysterious Places Bundle I (Download)

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Designing an adventure and need some atmospheric art, at a reasonable price with a very flexible license agreement? Need an illustration with that hand-drawn, old-school feel? Then Raging Swan’s Mysterious Places are for you!

You can check out Mysterious Places' very reasonable terms and conditions at

This Mysterious Places bundle contains three images (all as 300 DPI JPGs) by Brittany Michel. Each is designed to fill roughly half of a letter-sized page.

  • Mysterious Places 1: Waterfall Cavern
    A raging waterfall tumbles into a large natural cave. The walls are slick with moisture and darkness fills much of the cave making it impossible to determine its full extent. Innumerable passages could lead away to yet deeper caverns or the lair could be home to a territorial (and violent) dragon.
  • Mysterious Places 2: Abandoned Church
    Crumbled and abandoned, the ruined shell of a temple still stands at the centre of an overgrown, neglected graveyard. Perhaps the graveyard stands at the centre of a local mystery or a different faith wishes to claim the ruins for their own.
  • Mysterious Places 3: Castle Cave
    A huge cave pierces the sides of a narrow, steep-sided valley. Within stands an imposing castle. Only reachable by a treacherous, winding path the castle could hold a terrible secret or guard an entrance to the lightless caverns below.

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