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Portrait of a Villain: The Desire (4E) PDF

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Get the complete back story to the villain Desiree Turpis, a.k.a. The Desire. This 57-page full-color eBook includes everything a DM needs to introduce this new, recurring villain into any 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The Desire is the perfect villain to add intrigue and betrayal to your game.

This is a Heroic Tier supplement that is fully compatible with 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

    Along with The Desire's own backstory, adventure hooks, goals and motivations, you will also find:
  • Three fully developed, drop-in encounters featuring The Desire;
  • four new organizations to help create a rich campaign setting, complete with stats for each organization's leader and minions;
  • The Objects of Desire: a collection of new magical masks for 4E;
  • The Sword Sisters: a new 4E Paragon Path for PCs bent on revenge;
  • Highcourt, City on the Edge: a fully developed microsetting to help get things started (includes full color map) 
  • The Ceremony: a short story where The Desire assassinates a local noble.

All this AND dozens of high quality illustrations and maps, and over 30 new allies and enemies.

Our eBooks offer the following added features: TWO PDFs in each purchase. The main PDF is brilliant full-color landscape, 3-column layout for EASY screen reading. The second PDF is a FREE B&W printer-friendly version that includes a portrait 2-column layout, reduced graphics, and wider left margin. The result is a PDF that is easy on your ink/toner and ready to be hole punched for your notebook. Interlinked PDFs with bookmarks and links.

Full color, beautiful illustrations and maps.

  • "Portraits is a great tool for DMs that can be picked up and absorbed in a single night, ready to be used for a quick game... it's hard to not recommend the supplement for the price."—Paul Vogt, Eye of the Vortex eZine
  • "This I dig. This is the sort of crazy experiment I can get behind... I give it a thumbs up, and look forward to seeing more entries in the Portrait of a Villain series, as well as whatever else Nevermet Press has up their sleeves."—Berin Kinsman,
  • "This is an excellent product that fills a strange niche. If you're looking for a new city to add to your campaign world, want a few encounters, or just want to loot several NPCs, you'll find much to like."—Scott Martin,
  • "[The] book covers a lot of ground with different types of material; that's definitely a strength, as it allows it to provide diversity in content."—Brandan Landgraff,
  • "I'll say this piece is versatile. There's a lot of material packed into a short, 57-page packet. The layout is beautiful, and you'll find something for your game."—David Hill,
  • "Just bought The Desire, it really is excellent. Reminds me of the pattern used in 3.5's Exemplars of Evil about villains. 5/5"—@DM_Khalas via Twitter

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