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Forgotten Realms Poster Map: Lower Right Quadrant

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Originally included with Dragon 290, this 21"x30" full-color poster map displays the lower right quadrant of the Forgotten Realms map.

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Where is the lower left quadrant? Is that one unavailable?

Chris Ballard wrote:
Where is the lower left quadrant? Is that one unavailable?

That one is only available in issue # 289.

I got greedy and orderd two complete sets. One for frameing and the other for preservation.

Are there any plans to sell a PDF of just these maps?

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A PDF of these maps would be highly unlikely given the recent policies of WotC. They withdrew PDFs from most (all?) retailers. Paizo may sell the maps, and even commissioned them for Dragon, but WotC ultimately holds the rights to all things FR.

Also, WotC is currently supporting the new version of the Realms set after the Spellplague, which is a century and several major events removed from the setting depicted in these maps. If anything they would sell the current setting map before the previous edition one.


As has been pointed out, we do not have the rights to release PDF versions of these maps. However, you might try combing Wizards of the Coast's website for high resolution images of Forgotten Realms. I'm fairly certain they had something along those lines at one point!

Many thanks for the prompt response, I'll see what I can mine from WotC.

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It's still there for now:

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