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Race Creation Cookbook (PFRPG)


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The best-selling point-based race creation sourcebook of all time returns UPDATED AND REVISED exclusively for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system! GMs with a taste for fantasy world-building can either borrow races for their setting from other sources, or build new fantasy races from scratch. Presented in this sourcebook are guidelines for designing new fantasy character races with access to a wide variety of abilities and balancing drawbacks. Whether these are exotic new fantasy races or variants of more familiar fantasy races, the tools are in your hands. This sourcebook contains everything you need to create variations on your favorite fantasy races to all new, all different fantasy racial ideas that no one has seen before.

    This sourcebook includes:
  • Core Ability Score Adjustments
  • Bonus Feats versus Racial Feature
  • Skill Adjustments
  • Defensive Racial Features
  • Effect Immunities and Saving Throw Bonus
  • Spell-Like Abilities
  • Size and Creature Type
  • Miscellaneous Features
  • Movement and Vision
  • Natural Attacks
  • And much more!!!

If you like creating new fantasy races for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system and gaming but wished there were balanced rules that actually made sense, your prayers have been answered. The Race Creation Cookbook is the book you have wanted to see, done in an easy way to add to your game. Come check it out!

Written by Neal Bailey with art by Anthony Cournoyer.

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Product Reviews (1)

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****( )

Haven't been able to use it with a gaming group yet, but it seems very solid and jives pretty well with what I'd already deduced from the race creation and breakdown sections in the (WotC) 3.x DM Guide and Savage Species books. Not sure if this Pathfinder version still uses the 3.5 SRD monsters for the calculations or the newer PFRPG Bestiary... it might slightly change some of the values. It could also probably benefit from a couple examples in sample new races building or a sample breakdown of a few of the standard PC races.

Still, good bang for the buck at $7.99. Gift Certificates
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