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Maps of Mastery—Forsaken Lands II: Badlands & Deep Caverns Print

***** (based on 2 ratings)

Badlands PDF


Deep Caverns PDF

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Add Deep Caverns PDF $3.99

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This high-quality poster features an arid, desolate canyon on one side, and a subterranean cave network on the other! Designed by expert cartographer Christopher West, these maps are designed to function equally well in any fantasy, science fiction, or even modern RPG or miniatures game setting!

The poster measures 22 by 34 inches when unfolded, and features a 1-inch grid for play with most miniatures game systems. Objects and physical elements are highlighted by fine colored lines to indicate different terrain types; these are easily ignored if your game of choice doesn't need specific designations for terrain, but very useful if it does.

The Badlands side of the poster depicts a desolate, windswept canyon where even the strongest of creatures can meet a dismal end. The only signs of life are towering insect mounds and the remains of unlucky souls that perished of thirst in this wilderness. Still, something hungry may yet lurk within the dark sandstone tunnels…

The Deep Caverns side was designed to pair with and expand the Swamp Caves side of the first Forsaken Lands poster. The caves on one line up seamlessly with the other. This network of water-carved tunnels and treacherous chambers is perfect for any cave exploration encounter, subterranean chase scene, or an epic battle with some huge underground beast…. Plus, the poster comes with a bonus 5x7-inch terrain card that can be used to add more medieval fantasy flavor to the map, by placing a Dragon's Hoard within the beast lair.

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Print: Discontinued

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Love these maps!


The maps are beautiful, very solid and well-made and drawn. I have bought almost everything he has produced and I am always impressed with the quality and attention to detail!

I have used these maps several times for wilderness and ambush locations and they work great.


Both sides of this two sided map are beautiful to look at, and work very well for any kind of cave you might need a map for.

Seriously good buy! Gift Certificates
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