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Player's Aid IV: Character Record Portfolio (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Your character is important, and so is your character record sheet...

Now, with Player's Aid IV: Character Record Portfolio, you can keep track of every bit of important information about your character.

This 12-page sheet designed by Talon Dunning is fully compatible with the core base classes as well as with the base classes from Paths of Power and Strategists & Tacticians. You will find the Handle Canoe skill in the skill list, a spot for your Gladiator's reputation, and space for your Witch (4 Winds version) and her tradition and circle powers.

In addition, there are extensive equipment sheets, a space for animal companions and familiars, and plenty of space for your spellcaster's spells.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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****( )

If you have PFRPG and a printer, you need this (the core CS is too limited, even at generation). My only criticism is of the font; 'Witch', for example, looks like something else...

Free Character sheet

****( )

This product is 16 pages. The first two is cover and credits, the last two is OGL and back cover.

The rest is all character sheet pages.
Front sheet
Skill/Bio sheet
Feat/Ability(and has xp table)
Magic items(with lines for wands, staffs, potions and scrolls, with charges etc)
Handy Haversack
Bag of Holding/Portable Hole
Magical Information (Wizard school powers, sorc bloodlines, Cleric domains etc. It covers witch, bard, paladin and druid as well along with there spell like abilities)
Familiar/Mount/Animal Companion
Arcane Spell book (broken up by level with 0 to fill in to show how many are memorized.)
Divine Spell book (same as above)
Arcane Spell Description (spell format ready to be filled out)

Closing thoughts. It is a interesting character sheet and covers most things you would want one to cover. It is also a very pretty character sheet. But I do have 3 critics, 1 minor, 1 moderate and 1 major.

Minor - I would have liked to have seen the bio info expanded a bit more, maybe even on it's own sheet.

moderate - all the caster info is on one sheet. Which means for a single class character much of the page will be blank. I think it would have been better to do a page for each class. Class info at top and then the spell sheet under it. i know that would have been a lot more work for 4 winds but it would have made the sheet better.

major - It's a very pretty sheet, which means it would be brutal on a ink cartridge. They should have really included a print friendly version of it as well aka black and white, no borders etc.

It's a nice sheet and it is very pretty, plus it is free. So i recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself what you think.

***note - There is suppose to be a update that will make the sheet fillable/typeable. Gift Certificates
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