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Do-Gooders & Daredevils Collection 1 (M&M Superlink) PDF

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The first collection of Do-Gooders & Daredevils releases, this book gathers over 30 heroes and a variety of (mostly) benevolent organizations to interact with the player characters, or for players to take on as their own, along with some new rules to toy with.

All content from the first four Do-Gooders & Daredevils releases are within (Mixed Heroes, Oddities, Good I$ Capitali$m and Champions.)

Within, you’ll not only find the mercenaries, fallen heroes, lost souls seeking redemption, and true and blue do-gooders you’d expect, but also legendary figures returned from the dead, former assassins, and organizations that straddle the fence between the moral and self-serving.

Ranging from the Once and Future King of the Britons, King Arthur Pendragon, to Heaven’s bounty hunter, Purgatory, to the mutated astronaut-come-monster, Starbound, this heroic collection offers a bit of just about every sort of good guy a Gamemaster could hope for.

Along with the game statistics one would expect, the characters and organization are accompanied by a number of adventure ideas to get them up and running in your game as quickly as possible. Each is also assigned a rating based on the included Metahuman Threat Scale, allowing Gamemasters to quickly browse the book for heroes who offer a comparable level of interaction without overshadowing the player characters.

With the Do-Gooders & Daredevils Collection your game’s potential for creative heroics will know no bounds!

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