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Liber Vampyr (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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This sourcebook for the 3.5 OGL and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is intended for mature audiences and provides players and DMs with guidelines and rules which bring vampires to life in a way fantasy roleplaying games have never done before. Included are rules that make vampire characters more accessible to players, as well as broadening the different styles of vampire available. Finally, the book contains an all-new rules system which drives home the vampire’s hunger for blood, and will make your players see the game in a whole new way.

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Cut off my Conclusion: Here's the rest of the review:

For all the people who want some additional vampire-oomph for their PF-game and for everyone who wants to play a vampire, this is a must-have and 5 stars, especially due to the fact that it’s FREE. Indeed, I’d suggest to everybody out there to at least give this file a good look – You’ll get at least some good ideas out of this one and can scavenge some nice parts.

Dark Archive

Was starting to wonder about you, I mean you was reviewing so SLOW lately. :)

I've had a loss in my family, two day-jobs, christmas-shopping to do, editing for Jade Oath, as well as two patronage projects @Rite and 3@Open Design to keep track of. Finally, I try to not post over your reviews and wait at least two days for the review to stand up over @RPGaggression because I'm such a considerate guy. ;)

But yeah, I'll take up the pace again. Tomorrow I'm going to post reviews of the rest of the Spes Magna Games files.

All the best to you,

Dark Archive

Sorry to hear about your lose.

Thanks for your kind words.

I got the PDF and I like it far more than I thought I would (vampires just don't usually do it for me when compared to other monsters), but I do have one question about a comment from the chapter on Prestige Classes. Namely, it's about the Vampiric Disciple. Just where is the free PDF that has the information about the ritual they needto do to gain more levels in the class?

I check the Necromancers website and wasn't able to find it; can someone help me out here?

Never mind, I was able to find it with a little more looking.

If this comes into print, I'll buy it immediately. (Hint, hint!)

Although I love the spell mirror travel, reminds me of the van helsing movie from several years back. This book implies vampires are terrified and repelled by mirrors, so I don't see how they would develop that sort of spell.

I personally think in my campaigns I am going to rid them of the weakness to garlic and mirrors for sure. Possibly even running water (it is a silly weakness that I don't get). I would almost get rid of the holy symbol thing or specify it has to be a good deity? or maybe that it has to be the characters deity from life? Similar to how the crucifix would mean nothing to a Jewish vampire.

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