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Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves

****½ (based on 66 ratings)
Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves

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by Dave Gross

For half-elven Pathfinder Varian Jeggare and his devil-blooded bodyguard Radovan, things are rarely as they seem. Yet not even the notorious crime-solving duo is prepared for what they find when a search for a missing Pathfinder takes them into the gothic and mist-shrouded mountains of Ustalav. Beset on all sides by noble intrigue, mysterious locals, and the deadly creatures of the night, Varian and Radovan must use both sword and spell to track the strange rumors to their source and uncover a secret of unimaginable proportions, aided in their quest by a pack of sinister werewolves and a mysterious mute priestess. But it’ll take more than merely solving the mystery to finish this job. For shadowy figures have taken note of the pair’s investigations, and the forces of darkness are set on making sure neither man gets out of Ustalav alive...

From fan-favorite author Dave Gross comes a new fantastical mystery set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

368-page mass market paperback.

ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-287-6
ePub ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-331-6

Download a free sample chapter by clicking here! (72 KB zip/pdf)

Prince of Wolves is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle Sheet and additional are a free download (225 KB zip/PDF).

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Tales Subscription.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 66 ratings)

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Mystery, Monsters, and an Evil Eating Chicken.


I'm coming to love how Mr. Gross writes these novels. The adventuring trek that follows Radovan and the mystery that Varian attempts to unravel while in one of my favorite countries in all of Golarion is a great horror read, that actually does feel what horror in the pathfinder setting might feel like. Readers who are interested in horror, mystery, and/or adventure or all three will greatly enjoy this book.


Though it makes my blood boil that the only 1/2 of the Antagonists got what they had coming, friggin Norgober cultists grrrrr...

Highly recommended.

An engaging start, minus some speedbumps

****( )

An adventuresome little story that admittedly takes a bit of getting used to the format at first. I wasn't expecting a first-person narrative from a story I'd been informed in advance had two central protagonists, and it took a bit to figure out when the chapters changed perspectives. By the end of the novel however it was easy to determine just based on the first line or two of dialogue - Varian and Radovan's internal narrations are vastly different, fitting for two characters so starkly unlike one another.

The story itself was interesting, kept me wanting to read more and solve the mystery, and almost all the characters were memorable and easily identifiable. I do have to agree with some of the other reviews that Varian at the beginning was very off-putting, but he does improve over the course of the book and I presume in hindsight that his initial presentation was meant to be a turn-off so the reader could see his development over time. Radovan on the other hand was appreciable from the get-go, and with few exceptions his narration tended to cover the more interesting or entertaining chapters. Hopefully in future novels in the series it'll be more balanced between the two.

Mediocre Read

***( )( )

I read the reviews of Prince of Wolves before reading the book, and eagerly anticipated reading it for myself. I wasn't really impressed.

The story was good. I felt like the author did an excellent job of fleshing out the details of Ustalav and the Sczarni. The mystery was also engaging.

I also like the character Radovan. He seemed very real and I cared about his story.

Varian Jeggare, on the other hand, is one of the most thoroughly unlikable protagonists I've ever encountered. He's insufferably arrogant, unable to bear the thought that Radovan may ever be anything other than completely subservient to him. He's rude and condescending to everyone (including Radovan) whom he views as his social inferior. Furthermore, his vocabulary is so stilted and overly complex that he sounds like an unintelligent person trying to pretend that he's smart.

Best I've read...


Hands down the best of the three Pathfinder Tales I have read so far. Read more of my review on Rising Phoenix Games.

Best tale for Golarion support


I have just finished re-reading this for the third time. I consider this the best among Pathfinder tales (I have read sixteen of these up to now) from Golarion supporting knowledge point of view. This book made me love Ustalav and the way Dave Gross increase the available data inside Paizo books (Inner Sea World Guide among the others) is wonderful. I really really loved Virholt history and Ustalavic Sczarni. Thanks for this book Paizo!

1 to 5 of 67 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>

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